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Zermatt Marathon


Ubicación Zermatt, Switzerland

Distancia Ultramaratón

Rescheduled to 03 jul. 2021

Previous date: 04 jul. 2020

Acerca de Zermatt Marathon

Gornergrat Zermatt Marathon: the King’s Way through the Mountains!!

The Gornergrat Zermatt Marathon runs from St. Niklaus through the deepest valley in Switzerland up to the Riffelberg at Gornergrat. This is one of the most demanding Marathon courses in Europe. And for those who do not find the 42 kilometres and over 1,800 metres of altitude enough of a challenge, there is always the Gornergrat Zermatt Ultra Marathon.

The Gornergrat Zermatt Marathon is quite simply the Alpine running challenge. 42 kilometres and a bit more than 1,800 metres of altitude to overcome. The start in St. Niklaus is already the first power boost: Around 1,600 runners are at the start with spectators to fire them up and other spectators, who are "along for the ride." Because now they are setting off through the deepest valley in Switzerland – left and right, the highest mountains in Switzerland tower overhead. Those “along for the ride” are in the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn, which is the train with waving spectators travelling next to the racers all the way to Zermatt.

What the Iron Man is to Hawaii, the Ultra Marathon race to the top of Gornergrat is to Zermatt. The course is the same from St. Niklaus via Zermatt and up to Riffelberg. But then it continues for another 3.4 kilometres with an additional tough 514 m of altitude to overcome. Something for the really tough ones! And there are at least 800 people, who accept this challenge. Every single one of them deserves a huge applause when they reach the finish line at 3,089 m on Gornergrat.



  • 42,195km


  • 45,595km


  • 21,097km


Medallas de finalización

Functional Finisher T’Shirts, medal, pasta voucher, prizes for the three best per category, ranking on the internet, diploma. As the finisher T-shirts are unisex, ladies need to order a size smaller. For example, those who normally wear size S, should for Zermatt Marathon, order a XS. Awards in hard cash: Same awards in hard cash and in Swiss francs (CHF) are allocated to the 3 fastest runners „Men“ and to the 3 fastest runners „Women“.

Almacenamiento de equipos

Drop-off in St. Niklaus at the latest till 8.15 am near the church. The luggage of the runners will be transported to the Riffelberg. The shuttles will run in 12-minute intervals from the Gornergrat to Riffelberg. Thermal blankets are distributed to every athlete at the finish.




St. Niklaus








In the Matterhorn village of Zermatt, spectators, supporters and amazed tourists from around the world are lined up along the street taking photographs and applauding. The runners race along the Bahnhofstrasse – through civilisation and past watch shops and hotels.

And the steep climb to Sunnegga is soon reached with a view of the Matterhorn at a sunny spot. Here, the natural landscape dominates with its Swiss stone pine and larch wood forests, with mountain lakes and Alpine meadows. The trail goes over hill and dale, along broad paths, narrow hiking trails and through scented meadows of flowers. The view is increasingly impressive – the broad Alpine garland with its numerous four thousand-metre peaks opens up.

The chapel at Riffelberg on Gornergrat, which marks the near end of the classic Marathon course, remains hidden for a long time. Mountain runs are special – the finish line demands the conquering hero in everyone. After someone finally reaches the chapel, there are just a few metres downhill to Riffelberg (2,585 m), where a great sense of triumph accompanied by applause from the spectators awaits everyone at the finish line.


Starting in St. Niklaus, situated in the lowest-lying mountain valley in Switzerland, and ending on Riffelberg by Gornergrat, the highest-altitude finish line in Europe at 2,585 m.a.s.l., the Zermatt Marathon is the supreme alpine racing challenge.

This event will be the most exciting and ambitious marathon competition in Europe. On the first 20 kilometres of the race from St. Niklaus to Zermatt, the course continues through the valley floor, mainly along the left bank of the Vispa River. The half-marathon distance will be reached at the Zermatt Bahnhofstrasse. From there, the course winds along an alpine road up to Sunnegga. The next leg of the race is via Gant, and after a stretch of flat land, competitors will reach Riffelalp at 2,222 m.a.s.l. Here is where the heat is really on! Because over the remaining kilometres an elevation of almost 400 metres has to be overcome before finally reaching the finish at 2,585 m.a.s.l. on Riffelberg by Gornergrat.

While the runners of the Zermatt Marathon pass the chapel on the Riffelberg and have the finish within reach, the runners of the Ultra Zermatt Marathon will still have exactly 3.4 kilometers and 514 high meters to achieve. The view from the Gornergrat at 3’089 meters is unique and will compensate for all the efforts.

Starting shot
St. Niklaus, a legendary provenance of alpinism, can look back on a proud tradition of being the birthplace of outstanding mountaineers. Numerous are the 'four-thousanders' which were first conquered by the native sons of St. Niklaus. It follows that St. Niklaus is the absolutely ideal starting point for a new generation of intrepid spirits on their way to the top - the marathon runners. So, don't miss the starting shot at 08.45 a.m., which is scheduled to go off in co-ordination with the MGB Railway's timetable.

Zermatt, the epitome of alpine resort sophistication with its overwhelming view of the world's most glorious mountain - the Matterhorn. The Bahnhofstrasse in cosmopolitan Zermatt marks the athletes' fleeting and final passage through the realm of civilisation before they once again compete with the forces of nature on their ascent to Sunnegga.

Breathing space
Sunnegga, the long ascent through pine forests and alpine pastures, acknowledges the athletes' spirit with a magnificent panoramic view of the Alps. The next few kilometres over flat terrain offer a welcome breather.

Last lap
Riffelalp, lying at an altitude of 2,222 metres. One glance at the resplendent Matterhorn fortifies the athletes for the even greater test of strength to come. For the arduous ascent from Riffelalp up to Riffelberg is next - and this last lap scales an elevation of yet another 400 metres.

Finishing line
Riffelberg, 2,585 metres above sea level. The pain subsides. Breathing becomes easier. 29 four-thousand-metre mountains cheer each runner who reaches the finishing line - because everyone who makes it up here by 16.20 pm is a winner.

La información de la carrera se ha encontrado en el sitio web oficial del evento o en otras fuentes de acceso público. Consulta siempre el sitio web oficial para obtener la información más actualizada sobre la carrera. Si falta algún dato o hay algún error, envíanos un correo electrónico para informarnos..