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Freiburg Marathon


Ubicación Freiburg, Germany

Distancia Maratón

Fecha 11 abr. 2021

Acerca de Freiburg Marathon

At the "MY FREIBURG MARATHON" , however, not only marathon runners are at the start – there is a course for every level of training: teams can share the marathon course (42.195 km) as a marathon relay (7-14-7-14 km) through four runners, Individual starters can run the entire marathon, the half marathon distance (21 km) or the AOK health run (10 km). Students and teachers start as a half marathon relay at the badenova school marathon (seven starters each approx. 3 km). On the day before the main race, the youngest will participate in the Füchsle Mini Marathon go to the start.

The "MY FREIBURG MARATHON" is a sightseeing tour through the city with all the Freiburg highlights. In addition, many bands await you along the way , cheering you up and creating a great atmosphere.


Freiburg Marathon

  • 42,195km

Run&Rock Freiburg 1/2 Marathon

  • 21,097km


  • 10km



Free parking is available for runners and visitors on the grounds of the Messe Freiburg as well as around the fair.


Timing is done without champion chip. For this purpose, the chip for the time measurement is integrated in the start number (for single starters). For the chip no rental fee is payable.




Messe Freiburg



The "MY FREIBURG MARATHON" is a sightseeing tour through the heart of Freiburg: the historic old town with all its highlights and beauties.
Many bands along the 21-km-round provide for their party mood with their music - from classical to reggae and pop to rock ranges the acoustic range.

Start at the Messe Freiburg
The "journey" first leads past the newly formed district of Güterbahnhof Nord with impressive architecture.
Continue through Herdern , a former wine village: the pretty district with a high proportion of green and old avenues impressed by magnificent Art Nouveau villas.
Below the Schlossberg, the route leads through the popular Oberau district .
On the green banks of the Dreisam , past the rushing water and the Black Forest panorama, it almost happens by itself.
In the old town of Freiburg you can also find water: the famous Bächle line the streets and dine from the Dreisam. Other highlights include the Schwabentor, Münster, Martinstor, the university library and the theater.
The blue Wiwilibrücke forms the landmark of the Mein Freiburg Marathon with a view of the Sacred Heart Church. Now we have arrived at Stühlinger, a district particularly popular with students.
In the final sprint over the Kaiserstuhlstraße and Emmy-Noether-Straße, it goes to the finish line at the exhibition center . Unless you are running the marathon route, then you will be able to enjoy the highlights of Freiburg for the second 21km lap.


The following competition tracks are available for selection at the official half-marathon round (21,097.5 m) measured by the German Athletics Federation:

The marathon with 42.195 m, which corresponds to two laps completed
The half marathon with 21,097.5 m
The marathon relay for four starters: two laps with a total of three change points
The AOK health run with about 10 km, a quarter of the marathon route
The badenova Schülermarathon, a student half marathon relay for seven starters (grades 5-12): A round with a total of 6 change points (each about 3 km)
The Füchsle-Mini-Marathon , children's race for all children of the years 2009-2017 on April 06, 2019
Start and finish is the Messe Freiburg. On marathon Sunday all runners can use the public transport of the RVF free of charge. Messe Freiburg has a direct tram connection and free parking. Generously planned service areas for the runners, with changing rooms and showers, with clothes storage and ample seating at the CITIZEN Maultaschen party, create relaxation in the preparatory phases.

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