PWN Egmond Halve Marathon


Ubicación Egmond, Netherlands

Distancia Maratón

Fecha 12 ene. 2020

Acerca de PWN Egmond Halve Marathon

The Egmond Half Marathon (Dutch: Egmond Halve Marathon) is an annual half marathon race over 21.1 kilometres that has been staged in Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands since 1973. The competition normally takes place in early January. Sections of the road race cross along the beach and sand dunes of the village, situated on the North Sea coast. The 2010 edition of the race was cancelled due to poor weather conditions, marking the first break in the race’s history.

In addition to the elite level races, the event features recreational fun runs for the public, including a team race for friends or work colleagues. The first editions of the event attracted around 1000 runners – a number which increased to over 5000 runners by the mid-1980s. A record 10,370 participants competed in 2000 and the race continued to grow in popularity, attracting over 16,500 people for the 2009 edition

The event is organised by Le Champion – a Dutch running club which also organises the Dam tot Damloop and Zandvoort Circuit Run, among other races.


Halve Marathon

  • 42,195km

Kwart Marathon

  • 10km

Egmond aan Zee lighthouse



J.C.J. van Speijk Lighthouse.


  • After the start leaving your Egmond aan Zee from the main beach;
  • On the beach you walk 7 km to Castricum aan Zee;
  • At this exit you will find a climb and you enter the North Holland Dune Reserve;
  • You walk about 1 km of unpaved hilly Vlewoscheweg and Grand Veldweg;
  • Then you go straight to the Duincamping Bakkum, where the quarter marathon point lies;
  • There follow paved roads to Egmond via Speyk Van Laan, the Staringweg, Shepherd Hitting and Van Oldenborghweg;
  • Through the Bloedweg climb Egmond aan Zee in again. This is a decent hill;
  • You walk towards the lighthouse, where the last climb awaits you. From the lighthouse is still 200 meters to the finish.

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