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Beaver Island Half Marathon & 10K & 5K


Distancia Medio maratón

Acerca de Beaver Island Half Marathon & 10K & 5K

The Beaver Island half marathon will cover the 13.1 miles over a variety of surfaces and beautifully changing scenery. The course will start downtown at Paradise Bay near the Beaver Island Ferry dock and head south along the paved Kings Highway. This will give way to a turn to the west on a good gravel road coursing around beautiful Barney’s Lake.

Near the half way mark the course changes to wonderful trail through the woods finally coming out along the west side of the island running with Lk. Michigan on your left. This gravel road will bring you back east along Font Lake before reaching town. The last portion of the run will be back on paved road through town along Paradise Bay back to the start/finish.

We believe this will be one of the most beautiful runs most will ever do. Wonderful variety, good shade, excellent surfaces, and only a few gentle hills. The course will be well staffed with plenty of water stops and support. This will be the run you will remember!


1/2 Marathon

  • 21,082354km

5K Run

  • 4,988954km

10K Run

  • 9,977908km

Beaver Island Half Marathon & 10K & 5K MAPA DEL RECORRIDO DE

Beaver Island Half Marathon & 10K & 5K MAPA DEL RECORRIDO DE


Paradise Bay

Beaver Island,us


Set out in the middle of Lake Michigan, between the state's Upper and Lower Peninsulas, Beaver Island is known for its beaches, sand dunes and scenic harbors, as well as for a rich history that dates back to the mid-1800s. Once called "the Mormon kingdom of Beaver Island," the area was populated by James J. Strang -- one of the first adherents and leaders of the Mormon church, along with Joseph Smith -- and his followers, who set up a "monarchy" on the island.

Following a series of conflicts between Strang and his followers with the island's other residents, the "kingdom" eventually waned in influence and the island came to be populated by many Irish immigrants and fishermen, who helped give the island the name it is known by even today, "America's Emerald Isle."

Today, landmarks of the community's history can be seen around the island, which is home to a few hundred permanent residents and sees many, many more tourists and vacationers to enjoy its beaches as well as those of the 13 other nearby islands that make up the Beaver Island Archipelago, four of which also make up the Michigan Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

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