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Banff Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K


Ubicación Banff, Canada

Distancia Maratón

Fecha 21 jun. 2020

Acerca de Banff Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K

The Banff Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K offers one of the planet’s most incredible and beautiful running experiences, all in Canada’s first National Park. Starting in the picturesque mountain village of Banff, participants will flow through a series of incredible natural, wildlife, and historical stages as they pass by the serene Vermilion Lakes and journey along the stunning Bow Valley Parkway. The return trek will travel alongside the Bow River and over Banff’s famous bridges finishing to cheering crowds in Banff’s downtown Central Park.

One of the world’s most beautiful and unique destinations has been given the opportunity to host the most famous running event, the marathon. The Banff Marathon will offer runners of all abilities the chance to participate in this truly special event.

Whether you are an experienced marathon runner or this is your first time, the Banff Marathon will be one of a kind. Since Banff National Park limits the entries, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience this limited race! This is your chance to run in the only marathon in North America that is fully contained within the boundaries of a National Park, Canada’s very first National Park. Starting and finishing in the beautiful mountain town of Banff, this marathon will take you into the heart of the Rockies to experience the cultural heritage and awe-inspiring nature of Banff National Park. A true destination event in one of Canada’s most scenic locations.

Connect intimately with the natural and cultural heritage and the majestic scenery of this Canadian Rocky Mountain World Heritage Site. The weekend will also be filled with family activities, The Banff Marathon Sport Expo, Clinics and all the incredible activities Banff has to offer.



  • 42,195km

Half Marathon

  • 21,097km


  • 10km


Puestos de avituallamiento

Aid stations will be located along the course with water, elecrolyte drink and power gels. Waste and disposable containers will be set up at each aid station. Please work with the volunteers to properly dispose of garbage, food scraps and water cups.

Tiempo máximo

This marathon will be 6 hours and 30 minutes. If the participant is unable to make sufficient progress in the Event that will allow them to complete the event in line with timelines set by Event Organizers there will be certain cut-off times along the course based on this time at which time the course will re-open to vehicular traffic and participants may be asked to cease their participation in the Event. Participants must maintain a minimum 15-minute per mile pace (approximately) and complete the full marathon distance—start line to finish line—within the event time requirement.


Banff Town Centre



Banff’s Central Park



Imagine yourself on a journey that flows from Banff Central Park, runs past Vermilion Lakes, up the Bow Valley Parkway and loops to finish in beautiful downtown Banff. It is the running adventure of a lifetime. The scenery is breathtaking and you will experience many different interpretive, geographical, wilderness and historical stages on your trek. Run by the stunning mountain vistas known to Banff National Park, Moose Meadows, the new Legacy Trail, and serene Vermillion Lakes - just to name a few. Interpretive stations at each of these stages will be set up along the way at the aid stations if you want to learn more about your journey.


 This out and back route starts in the picturesque town centre of Banff, passes through the serene Vermilion Lakes, then along the new Legacy Trail and up the incredible Bow Valley Parkway. At the turn-around participants will journey back down the Bow Valley experiencing the easterly views of the incredible mountain vistas as they finish to the cheering crowds in beautiful Banff’s Central Park. With interpreters available at every stage, participants have an opportunity to learn something about the Bow Valley and Banff National Park making this an incredibly unique event.

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