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Singelloop Utrecht


Ubicación Utrecht, Netherlands

Distancia 10 km

Fecha 04 oct. 2020

Acerca de Singelloop Utrecht

The Singelloop Utrecht is an annual road running event over 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) which takes place on the streets of city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. It is typically held in either September or October.On 27 September the 65th edition of the Singelloop Utrecht rheumatism place. Singelloop Utrecht rheumatism is the oldest streetrun of Netherlands with the fastest 10 km course in the world (26:44). 

The start is in the monumental Wilhelminapark with the finish on the famed Maliebaan. All these elements contribute to a unique walking experience in Utrecht.The competition, which roughly translates as the Utrecht Canal Run, was initiated by Nico Munzert and had its first edition on 30 May 1925. The race, which followed the banks of Utrecht’s canals over a 4700-metre-long course, had garnered over 100 participants by 1931, but the crowds of spectators were much larger with over 75,000 people gathering to witness the event. 

The length of the race was extended in 1937, but the event suffered interruption in this period, being absent between 1940 and 1946 due to World War II and undergoing cancellations in 1950 and 1955. The 25th edition of the race was held in 1956.The Singelloop was forced from its original course in the 1960s due to the increase in traffic in the city. Runners instead held the race in Wilhelminapark. The competition attracted top level Dutch runners in the 1970s: Klaas Lok won in 1974, Rob Druppers took the 1975 title, then Gerard Tebroke defeated an injured Jos Hermens to win the 1976 race. The race acquired its long-running course format of two 5-kilometre laps in 1978. Gerard Nijboer won the 1979 competition.


Singelloop Utrecht

  • 10km


Límite de edad

10 km Singelloop: 14 years. 5 km Singelloop presented AD: 12 years. Partou Kids Run 2 km: 8 to 12 years. Partou Kids Run 1 km: 4 to 8 years.

Medallas de finalización

All participants receive a unique commemorative medal after their finish.

Tiempo máximo

10 km Singelloop: 80 minutes. 5 km Singelloop: 45 minutes. Partou Kids Run 2.5 km: 20 minutes. Partou Kids Run 1 km: 15 minutes.

Singelloop Utrecht MAPA DEL RECORRIDO DE

Singelloop Utrecht MAPA DEL RECORRIDO DE





The course of the event is beautiful and fast. The event begins near Lepelenburg Park, passes along Utrecht’s canals, then finishes near Wilhelminapark


The course for the Singelloop has a singular clock-wise loop format, along the parts of Utrecht such as the old spoorwegmuzeum, the Observatory and the theater. Then it goes through the Wilhelmina on Maliebaan, Catharijne, Tolsteeg Maliebaan and Singel to reach the finishing point.

The 10 km Singelloop course takes you through the beautiful Utrecht city center and along the authentic canals. From the start on the stately Maliebaan to the finish in the monumental Wilhemina Park, the Domstad shows its most beautiful side. The course has few height differences, is completely paved and traffic free. Every year many PRs are run on this course. The encouragement of the thousands of spectators plays an important role here. Everywhere people stand along the course and music is made. An experience that you must have experienced as a runner.

The 5 km Singelloop offers a beautiful route through the city center. Walk comfortably with family, friends and colleagues to enjoy the unique atmosphere and the beautiful city of Utrecht. This distance starts at the Maliebaan and finishes at the Wilhelminapark. A real Singelloop experience. The course has few height differences, is completely paved and traffic free.

This is the perfect distance for children aged 8 to 12 years. Speed devils and those who want to join in. A nice walk on the official Singelloop track. Start and finish is at the foot of the Wilhemina Park. Afterwards a well-deserved medal and a bottle of AA Drink Iso-Lemon awaits.

For the youngest sports enthusiasts, the Partou Kids Run 1 km is a great start. Especially for children from 4 to 8 years old) during which one adult (with coach number) may walk along. This can be dad, mom, acquaintance or friend. That way the children do not walk alone. All participants receive a real Singelloop medal afterwards. Start and finish is located at the foot of the Wilhelminapark.

Singelloop Utrecht Datos curiosos

Singelloop Utrecht is the oldest street run held in the city of Utrecht in Netherlands. It is typically held in either September or October. The competition, which roughly translates as the Utrecht Canal Run, was started in 1925 with 37 participants.

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