African Marathon Challenge

A charity marathon series

The African Marathon Challenge in Tanzania, The Gambia and Togo offers tropical marathons in a family atmosphere. The AMC is a series of charity events that supports long-standing educational projects. Exotic instead of Big City: Off the beaten tourist tracks, the marathons are organized and celebrated with the people in the villages. No one remains a stranger here for long and leaves as a friend. The marathons do not just begin at the start. All of the 15 AMC events have been really family so far. There was far-reaching assistance with transfers, hotels and an easy-going get-together where friendships developed.

The running dates also offer the opportunity to combine the journeys with the marathons in Ile-Ife, Nigeria and Parakou, Benin, which are linked in partnership with the African Marathon Challenge.

AMC, that is much more than "Big City" events. Convince yourself in paradise: My Zanzibar family is looking forward to seeing you in September.

The charity series aims to support schools and educational institutions and follows the idea of "Education as an opportunity".

Christof Lindenbeck has passionately completed more than 240 marathons and ultramarathons in several countries. His engagement in the NGO Mon Devoir for the school complex Mon Devoir in Lomé brought him to Togo in 2012. Another passion was born during his first stay: his commitment to supporting Togolese children through education and sport by building a "computer class" at the Mon Devoir school. In 2015 the idea was born to organise international marathons in Togo and to observe the students' enthusiasm for sport. Christof has already organised 79 marathons in Germany as charity events for the Mon Devoir school fees for families in need of financial support. His vision of organising international marathon projects in Africa began in Togo in 2017. In the meantime it has become the African Marathon Challenge, which took place in Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Togo and Ghana. 

Smiling Coast Int'l Marathon, The Gambia

  • Why visit The Gambia?

    First of all The Gambia is an English speaking country which offers an easy introduction to Africa. Communication with local people is not a problem.

    The Gambia is known for its wildlife, including over 560 species of birds, the vervet monkeys, red colobus monkeys, red patas, bush babies, baboons and chimpanzees as well as crocodiles.

    Even though The Gambia has only around 80km of beaches they are never overcrowded in comparison to other top beach destinations.

Smiling Villages Int'l Marathon, The Gambia

  • Why participate in this event?

    This is your unique chance to experience the real Gambian hospitality and meet the people of this beautiful country.

    Running through villages and on the bank of Gambia river will be a lifetime experience.

    During the first edition in february 2019 we could not reach Kanilai by car. The village people stopped us two kilometers earlier. We had to dance with them into the village. The most beautiful welcome ceremony I have ever experienced on one of my 300 marathons: Dancing with the people of the Smiling Villages. 

International Marathon Zanzibar North-East Coast

  • Why participate in this event?

    The second edition of the International Zanzibar Marathon North-East Coast will be started in the Kiwengwa Beach Resort. The Marathon hotel is situated on the finest white coral sand beaches of North East Unguja near the village of Kiwengwa. Up to KM 29 we will run along paved roads through little villages. The way back from Matemwe to Kiwengwa will follow some of the nicest beaches which made Zanzibar a spot of exceptional beauty.

International Marathon Zanzibar Bwejuu-Makunduchi

  • Why participate in this event?

    We will run the white beaches of coral sand and rocks between Bwejuu and Makunduchi in the south east of Unguja. Unguja is the main island of the Zanzibar archipelago. The way back to Bwejuu will follow paved and  unpaved roads. We will cross an interesting archaeological site (a cave in the coral reef limestone) and the villages of Jambiani and Paje before finishing in the tropical garden of Mustaphas Place in Bwejuu. 

Trail-Marathon des Papillons, Kpalimé, Togo

  • Which projects The African Marathon Challenge supports?

    Since 2017, the Togo Marathons' entry fees have been used in three charity projects located in two Togolese cities:

    • Le Complexe Scolaire Mon Devoir à Agoè-Zongo, Lomé
    • L'Association Germano -Togolaise (AGERTO) à Kpalimé
    • L'école Institut Gustav Nachtigal (I.G.N.) à Kpalimé

Marathon des Royaumes, Aného, Togo

  • Why support The African Marathon Challenge?

    The charity looks at the framework conditions in all projects. Zero tolerance for corruption. The search for resilient and trustworthy local networks is in the foreground. 

    There are no administrative or travel costs that are not paid on a voluntary basis at European level.

    Networking: Christoph always learns a lot from other projects. Mama Gambia, a good example. The Koran teacher from the UK has built over 200 wells in Gambia over the past 20 years and has not lost sight of my central concept: "Keep it simple and stupid": Simply technologies that work or can be repaired on site. 

    Flat learning curves are the yardstick. Everything else quickly comes by itself with African energy and intelligence. 

    Christoph´s motto is to be a nucleus, not a missionary.

Marathon International du Togo, Lomé, Togo

  • Are there any awards?

    Finishers will receive a handcrafted wooden medal and a finisher shirt. The 3 fastest woman/men get a trophy and price-money.

  • What is in the race kit?

    BIB with map and AMC-Ballpen (metal pen with laser etched logo of the African Marathon Challenge).

  • What refreshments will be offered?

    Tropical fruits, water, coke, orange lemonade, salt.