Main Running Gear and Accessories That are a Must For Marathon Running!

Main Running Gear and Accessories That are a Must For Marathon Running!

Training for a marathon requires a whole lot of commitment, time, and perseverance. But the good news is that as grueling as it can be, some things will not only help to make training less punishing; they will help you weather any storm, keep your spirits up, and, well, just make things more enjoyable. To not only make race day awesome, but also the days leading up to it, try these running gear accessories that are a must for training and race day!

1. Wireless Earbuds

Gone are the days when you were all wired up. Nothing is more frustrating than being into a song and hitting the pavement hard only to pump your arms into your earphone jack and ruin your momentum. Wireless earbuds stay in place better because nothing is pulling at them. And some of them also have a waterproof feature and reflective lights. When training, you have to hit the pavement day or night, rain or shine. Wireless earbuds will ensure that you are ready for whatever comes your way.

2. Hydration Pack

To have the endurance it is going to take to make it over the finish line; you will need hydration. But you don’t want to stop along the way, which makes a hydration pack crucial. Training for a marathon involves increasing your mileage, and the best way to do that is to make sure that you have the necessary hydration and electrolytes to push your body to the limits. Hydration packs come in various sizes and styles, so finding one that won’t feel restrictive isn’t a problem. Make sure that you wear it when training, so that on race day, you are comfortable with it and it won’t end up weighing you down.

3. GPS Tracker

When training starts to take you further and further away from home, it is a smart idea to bring along a GPS tracker. Not only will apps like Under Armor’s “Run” help to track your mileage; it can also track your whereabouts and give people a heads up about where you are should anything happen. Bringing your cell phone along is also imperative in case you get into trouble and need to call for help. It is dangerous to get stuck miles away from home without a way to call for assistance if you need it.

4. Blister Aids

Unfortunately for many runners, alongside training, comes blisters. To make sure that they heal quickly and don’t keep you on the bench, invest in Compeed, which is a blister aid that provides both a buffer and pain-relief. If you know that you have trouble spots where your shoes rub, apply it to prevent rubbing, pressure, and friction. So Compeed can prevent a blister even before it happens.

5. Shoe Wallet

The less you have to carry, the better for both training and race day! A shoe wallet is a great way to house important things like your credit card and ID, but it won’t be a nuisance or tie up your hands. That way, you won’t run the risk of losing important things, or worse, poking your eye out!

6. Compression Wear

Along the course of training, there are bound to be days when you need just a little push to get you going. Compression wear helps to improve oxygen flow and provides energy where you need it. Also if you have problem spots that are prone to injury, compression wear might help to reduce the risk of excessive strains or muscle injuries. And if you do have an injury, it will increase blood flow to enhance healing.

7. Friction Reducers

The more mileage you cover, the more likely it is that you will succumb to chafing. Use Gold Bond Friction in all the places that rub so you won’t end up with soreness and blisters. Put it on your underarms, between your thighs, or any other place where things rub together. For women, it is Godsend for the bra area! If you rub it on your heel, it also helps to reduce the risk of blisters for those long run days.

Training for a marathon takes a whole lot of commitment and perseverance, but why suffer needlessly when there are great tools to help you not just train for a marathon, but also to run one. Try these injury-prevention, motivating, and tracking tools that will help you not only pass the finish line, but also do it safely and without too much punishment. For more great running tips, check out World's Marathons today!