Is Your Organization Ready For GDPR?

Is Your Organization Ready For GDPR?

Do you collect information about your participants and are there any EU citizens in the records? If you have answered yes, GDPR is affecting you!

Are you GDPR compliant? Find out by answering these 10 questions...

  1. Do you let your customers know what data you collect and how you use it?

  2. Do you ask for their consent?

  3. Is all the data that you do store on your customers available to them?

  4. Do you give your clients the ability to erase, or even withdraw themselves from your records?

  5. Would you know how to report any breach of security, or even detect one?

If you have answered "no" to any of the questions above, you are not compliant...

Let take the guesswork out of your organization's data collection process. By using our event management system RACE OFFICE ™ to manage your event, you don’t have to worry about GDPR or the expense of being compliant, we do it for you.

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