Kyoto Marathon

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Ort Kyoto, Japan

Distanz Marathon

Datum 16 Februar, 2020

Über Kyoto Marathon

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The Kyoto Marathon course takes runners on a fascinating journey through the "City of International Culture and Tourism". Runners will pass through seven UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites and many other tourist attractions as they are treated to spectacular views of Kyoto’s scenery, including all five mountains where huge bonfires are lit during the Gozan no Okuribi summer festival. Adding charm to this annual event staged in an urban setting, a portion of the course will meander through scenic downtown Kyoto.

Runners will fully enjoy the attractions of Kyoto’s picturesque scenery and sites such as: Nishikyogoku Athletic Park, Teryu-ji Temple, Seiryo-ji Temple, Daikaku-ji Temple, Kyoto Botanical Garden, Hirosawa-no-ike Pond, Ninna-ji Temple, Kyoto Concert Hall, Ryoan-ji Temple and Kyoto Botanical Garden just to name a few.

Kyoto Marathon Routenkarte

Kyoto Marathon Routenkarte

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Dan Walding

Dan Walding

Bewertet am 02 März, 2019

This is the race to run if you don't get the ballot entry to Tokyo Marathon and can't fork out the $1000 for the charity entry. Kyoto is a lovely city and this is a very fun race. It starts on the we...


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Nishikyogoku Athletic Park



Heian-jingu Shrine



Located along the course are the seven UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites of Tenryu-ji Temple, Ninna-ji Temple, Ryoan-ji Temple, Kinkaku-ji Temple, Kamigamo-jinja Shrine, Shimogamo-jinja Shrine, and Ginkaku-ji Temple, as well as many other tourist attractions including Daitoku-ji Temple, Imamiya-jinja Shrine, and Heian-jingu Shrine. Other landmarks along the course include famous works of modern architecture such as the recently renovated ROHM Theatre Kyoto and Kyoto City Hall.

Runners follow a course along the Katsura River with a view of Togetsukyo Bridge in Arashiyama, and then pass by the picturesque Hirosawa-no-ike Pond. The course then leads to Kinukake-no-michi Scenic Road, passes through the Kyoto Botanical Gardens, extends along the Kamo River, and then takes runners on a trip through history in the verdant Kyoto Imperial Place. Yet another major thrill of the Kyoto Marathon is the view of the five mountains that are the focus of the Gozan no Okuribi festival.

They cheer you on! Kyoto – City of Universities
A total ten universities can be found along the course. Enthusiastic student involvement adds to the excitement of the race. Many students enter as runners, while others serve as volunteers and as members of the various cheerleading groups that encourage the passing runners.


The course starts at Nishikyogoku Athletic Park and finishes at a point near Heian-jingu Shrine. Passing by seven UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites, The course also includes a "downtown" route, passing by Kyoto Gyoen National Garden (Imperial Palace) and Kyoto City Hall, and a route through the Kyoto Botanical Garden.

Kyoto Marathon Ticketpreise: $1110,00 - $1332,00

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