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Ephesus Ultra Trail

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Distanz Ultramarathon - 55km

Rescheduled to 05 Sep 2020

Previous date: 14 Mrz 2020

Über Ephesus Ultra Trail

Ephesus Ultra Trail Run offers everything from distances for everyone, to UNESCO World Heritage Site, pittoresque villages and closeness to the ocean. Ephesus Ultra Trail run is perfect for an active spring getaway.

Ephesus Ultra Trail; The series of İzmir Olive Runs takes place in the village of of Şirince, in the province of Izmir in March. Starting from Sirince Village, running toward Meryemana Evi church and passing through the surrounding World Heritage Site, the 55k, 25k & 12k long traisl will take you through the ancient city of Ephesus, passing through Selcuk Center and heading up the mountain to the fortress of Keçi Kales or Goat Castle as it is commonly known in English.

The race starts in Şirince Village at 07:00. The trail goes through adventerous places in nature and therefore participants should already have previous experience in trail running. On the challenging trail, it is necessary that the obligatory materials, as listed below, are carried by the participants.


25 km

  • 25km

12 km

  • 12km

55 km

  • 55km



There will be water refreshment points at the 7th,12th, 25th, 35th and 44th km. and food refreshment points at the 12th, 25th and 44st km.

Maximale Zeit

55k - 11 hours, 25k - 5.30 hours & 12k - 3 hours.

Ephesus Ultra Trail Routenkarte

Ephesus Ultra Trail Routenkarte


Ephesus Ancient City Eastern Gate

Şirince Köyü,tr


Izmir 's Selçuk district of Selcuk First the village square, summerhouse Railway Museum, St. Mary Church , Ephesus , Selcuk Lion Road from passing through, the Temple of Artemis , Selçuk Ephesus Archaeological Museum , Isabey Mosque , St. Jean Church , Ayasuluk Castle , Küçük Menderes Neher i Coast , Geberkis National Park n the Geberkis Lake and fork Lake Through passing through Barutçu village what Reach. Baruch village from the advancing path again Menderes and Selçuk direction, Alamandag of - Keçikale the 'King of the way from passing through the castle reached the bottom point. The Highways and Small Menderes Bridge from passing through Belevi proceeds to the village square. Here mausoleum'm from passing Selcuk Finish Line Resulting in the village square.

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