Marathons In South America - So Many to Choose From!

Marathons In South America - So Many to Choose From!

Located in the Western Hemisphere is a continent called South America. It is comprised of 13 different countries, which are mostly Portuguese and Spanish-speaking.  Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean, it is a tropical region with vast land, shorelines galore, and no shortage of beaches with stunning white sand. If you are considering your next destination run, the marathons in South America have a vast number of things to offer.  Whether you are a newbie r ... 继续阅读

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Maraton de La Paz - Bolivia

Bolivia, La Paz 08 三月, 2020
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floripa international marathon and half marathon

Brazil, Florianópolis 30 八月, 2020
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Maratón de Santiago

Chile, Santiago 19 四月, 2020

Patagonian International Marathon

Chile, Punta Arenas 04-05 九月, 2020

Maraton Internacional Costa Pacifico

Chile, Viña del Mar 05-06 十二月, 2020

EcoAventura Inka Race

Peru, Pacobamba 24 九月, 2017

Colombia International Marathon

Colombia, Santa Marta 18 二月, 2017

Jungle Marathon

Brazil, Amazonia 17 二月, 2020

Maratón Internacional de Asunción

Paraguay, Asunción 24-25 八月, 2019

Rapa-Nui Easter Island Marathon

Chile, Hanga Roa 07 六月, 2020

Movistar Lima 42K

Peru, Lima 16-17 五月, 2020

Guayaquil Marathon

Ecuador, Guayaquil 06 十月, 2019



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