Marathons in Japan - Which One Will Inspire You?

Marathons in Japan - Which One Will Inspire You?

Japan is an Island located in East Asia just along the Pacific Ocean. Its rich cultural history combined with its amazing architecture, make it a favorite for both travelers and adventure seekers alike. For those runners who want beautiful countryside and aren’t afraid to sweat (more than average), Japan offers marathon runners a uniqueness not found anywhere else on earth.  Make your way around the city during the Tokyo Marathon, taking in the touristy sites. Or, run from the Pacific Ocean to t ... 继续阅读

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Kyoto Marathon

Japan, Kyoto 16 2月, 2020
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Nagoya Women's Marathon

Japan, Nagoya 08 3月, 2020

Hokkaido Marathon

Japan, Sapporo 25 8月, 2019

Tazawako Marathon

Japan, Tazawako 15 9月, 2019

Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon

Japan, Lake Biwa 10 3月, 2019

Beppu-Oita Mainichi Marathon

Japan, Beppu, Oita 03 2月, 2019

Tokushima Marathon

Japan, Tokushima 17 3月, 2019

Ibigawa Marathon

Japan, Ibigawa 10 11月, 2019

Osaka Marathon

Japan, Osaka 01 12月, 2019

Toyama Marathon

Japan, Toyama Prefecture 27 10月, 2019

Minami Uonuma Gourmet Marathon

Japan, Minamiuonuma 09 6月, 2019

Kasumigaura Marathon

Japan, Kasumigaura City 14 4月, 2019



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Dan Walding

Dan Walding

Kyoto Marathon, 已评论 02 三月, 2019

This is the race to run if you don't get the ballot entry to Tokyo Marathon and can't fork out the $1000 for the charity entry. Kyoto is a lovely city and this is a very fun race. It starts on the we...


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