Belgium Marathons - So Many Races...How to Choose?

Belgium Marathons - So Many Races...How to Choose?

Known for more than just great beer, don’t discount the Great Breweries Marathon in Belgium. Holding some of the most unique and fierce marathons in the world, Belgium offers a little bit of everything for every running enthusiast.  From half marathons such as the Trail des 3 Vallees to ultramarathons such as the Eco-Trail de Brussels, there is no shortage of challenges to partake in. From mud races like the Gladiator Run Extreme mud Edition to night races such as the Night Trail Frameries, Belg ... 继续阅读

Namur International Marathon

Belgium, Namur 19 四月, 2020

Brussels Ekiden

Belgium, Brussels 19 十月, 2019

Linker Oevert Marathon Antwerpen

Belgium, Antwerpen 20 十月, 2019

Athora Great Bruges Marathon

Belgium, Brugge 20 十月, 2019

Lampiris Averbode Nature Trail

Belgium, Averbode 27 十月, 2019

Pauwels Consulting Ghent Marathon

Belgium, Gent 27 十月, 2019

Hageland Marathon

Belgium, Aarschot 27 十月, 2019

Marathon Kasterlee

Belgium, Kasterlee 17 十一月, 2019

Great Breweries Marathon

Belgium, Puurs 12 五月, 2019

Les Boucles Ardennaises

Belgium, La Roche-en-Ardenne 01 六月, 2019

Trail Provinciaal Domein Het Leen

Belgium, Eeklo 08 二月, 2020

Memorial Louis Persoon Marathon

Belgium, Genk 27 一月, 2019



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