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Brussels Ekiden


地点 Brussels, Belgium

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 19 10月 2019

关于 Brussels Ekiden

In September, relay run for groups of 6 runners inside and around the King Baudouin Stadium.

Every year the amount of participating companies grows at the Adecco Brussels Ekiden! It has become the biggest sport teambuilding event. Together with 6 colleagues you run a marathon and afterwards you can enjoy a drink at your meeting point or at the afterparty. Why don’t you subscribe with 5 colleagues of different divisions of the company?



  • 42.195km



Replenishment on the course: intersection of the Wildejasmijnlaan & Koninklijke Parklaan


The last runner of each team will be handed six medals for his or her team as a nice race memento


The pack, which can be collected by the team captain on 29 September, includes all the necessary items to compete in the Ekiden: envelopes with six starting numbers, a tasuki (relay cord), an info letter, change form and the rulebook with a complete course map. Starter packs for every individual runner will contain a race number with a chip, safety pins and an info letter.


Timekeeping is done with a chip attached in your Tasuki. Make sure not to bend the chip to ensure it works properly. Carpets at the entrance and exit of the stadium will register every runner through the chip. A runner’s time on the track will not count for his or her individual time. The time run on the track by the six runners of a team will however be added to the final result of the entire team.


King Baudouin Stadium



Every team has to consist of 6 runners. The whole team will have to cover the distance of a marathon, that is 42,195 km. The relays are done with a Tasuki, a ribbon carried around the trunk, a wink to the Japanese origins of the event. The race is open to companies, associations, sports clubs and children. The regulation is available on the website of the Ekiden run.

赛事信息可以在在赛事的官方网站或通过公开渠道找到。 总是以官方网站上的最新赛事信息作为参考。 如果有任何数据错误或遗失,请通过电子邮件告知我们.