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In Flanders Fields-marathon


地点 Dixmude, Belgium

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 20 9月 2020

关于 In Flanders Fields-marathon

The Flanders Fields Marathon runs through the flat landscape of the Westhoek, with its magnificent and wide panoramas and historical heritage reminding of World War One. The route sets off in Nieuwpoort follows the river IJzer/Yser towards Diksmuide, and goes further passing the historic battlefields, alongside the Ieperlee to finally arrive at the historic town of Ieper/Ypres. The course runs through an open and completely flat landscape, mostly follows rivers and passes through picturesque small villages and historical towns. This also makes it an ideal race for beginners.


In Flanders Fields-marathon

  • 42.195km



Water in 33cl bottles at km. 5-10-15-20-25-29-33-36-40. Wet sponges will also be available at some places. Please throw the empty bottles in the designated bins.


For every finisher there is a medal and T-shirt (or singlet) provided at the finish!


Handed over at the changing rooms at Nieuwpoort-stade.


The municipalities have imposed a time limit of 5hrs15. If you run slower than you run at your own risk.


Because we care for the enviroment, we're using reusable Shoe Tags. fix them well using straps. The chip is cut off after the arrival. Be sure to bring in your chip. We don't ask a deposit, but count on your chip being delivered back to us. It is of no further use to you, to us it is valuable. If by chance you forgot to return it, please send to André Mingneau, Kortewildestraat 61; 8600 Diksmuide.

In Flanders Fields-marathon 路线图

In Flanders Fields-marathon 路线图










The start is given to the wharf, at the mouth of the Nieuwpoort city fishing mine. 

The city of Nieuwpoort, with the King Albert 1 monument , the big Euro-marina and the so-important locking complex , was at that time the starting point of the front line that went through Switzerland. From the quayside (vismy) we walk to the Union Bridge, and then on to Schoorbakkebrug , where we reach the left of Stuivekenskerke . Through the nature reserve "Kleiputten" we continue our journey along the iron, and now walk close to the silent trenches of the dead end. Here there is a beautiful view of "Diksmuide" with the Begijnhof and the towers of Belfort and Sint Niklaaskerk.

After Paxpoort and the Iron Tower , the memorial of the Flemish emancipation and European peace domain, we see links in the Iron Valley Nature Reserve " the Blankaart ". We walk further along the iron to the Knokke bridge, a former fortress. We leave the iron and along the Ieperlee it goes to Steenstraete (and cafe Steenstraete ) past the monument of the Van Raemdonck brothers. In the hamlet "Steenstraete" there is a memorial for 6000 Belgians who became victims of a first poison gas attack in 1915. Through the sas of Boezinge, it passes along the Ypres-Ypres canal and we see many military cemeteries, including the John McRae memorial , Talana Farm, Welsh Cemetry, Bard Cottage, Essex Farm, ... 

At the end of the We will immediately arrive in the center of Ypres, the medieval town of Laeken, and walk through the monumental " Menenpoort " to the beautiful big market with lakenhalle and belfort tower , the long awaited arrival. So here we have a beautiful, flat course on the front line, often along watercourses. With numerous war memorials referring to the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of young people from many countries! "We shall remember them" Arthur Halestrap, 100-year-old war veteran '14 -'18, at the Menin Gate, November
november 1998.

In Flanders Fields-marathon 花絮

Some people also call it the "Marathon for Peace" because of its historical significance:  the route goes along the exact border of the front line of the First World War 1914-1918 and the race ends on Ieper, which is where some WWI battles took place. 

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