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Trail Factor 50k

Quick facts

Distance Ultra marathon

Rescheduled to 07 Sep 2020

Previous date: 23 May 2020

About Trail Factor 50k

The Trail Factor half marathon is a fun, challenging and well-supported race in Forest Park that includes beautiful trails and lots of friends and family.

The Trail Factor Half Marathon is a great opportunity for runners to experience the amazing trails of Forest Park. The race is almost exclusively run on beautiful single track trails through the heart of Forest Park with 1,920 ft of elevation gain. The race will support the Forest Park Conservancy.


TrailFactor 50k

  • 50km

Half Marathon

  • 21.1km


Aid Stations

There are five well-stocked aid stations and you can count on Honeystinger gels, Glukos, PB&J, bananas, chips, M&Ms, gummy bears, water, and other ultra-fare. You are welcome to carry your own aid.

Equipment Storage

No bag drops.


Parking is on neighborhood streets. Given that the park borders private property, Aid Station parking is extremely limited. Spectators are asked to be respectful of private property and especially avoid blocking driveways.

Trail Factor 50k Route Map

Trail Factor 50k Route Map


Leif Erikson



Start on Leif Erikson and climb up Wild Cherry Trail up to Wildwood.
Turn left onto Wildwood for a couple of miles before taking a right and climbing up Holman Lane.
Head back down on Birch and take a left back onto Wildwood.
Go left up to the top of Wild Cherry and then back down Dogwood, rejoining Wildwood.
From there you stick to Wildwood for a almost three miles to reach Firelane 1, and aid station 1.
You will plunge down Firelane 1 to Leif Erikson Dr.
Turn left onto Leif Erikson and enjoy a relative flat section before taking a left and winding your way up Nature Trail to reconnect with Firelane 1 (and aid station 2).
After heading west/right on Wildwood, runners will turn right on Maple Trail, enjoying a beautiful, lesser traveled section to eventually reconnect with Leif Erikson after a bridge-out detour on Koenig and Firelane 4.
Then it’s right on Leif Erikson to the Wiregate Trail where there is a water-only aid stop, then back up to the Wildwood Trail and a left on the Trillium Trail. You are half-way there!
You will then enjoy the wilder Firelane 7/Oil Line downhill to reconnect with and turn right Wildwood.
You’ll stay on Wildwood until you get to Firelane 5, where you’ll go right and head uphill to the top, and and the fourth aid station.
Then its time to cruise down Saltzman Road for over a mile before turning right on to Wildwood Trail for five rolling miles to the last aid station at the intersection of Firelane 1.
From here, it is on Wildwood with a right to go up Dogwood (save some in the tank for this uphill, it’ll surprise you) and reconnect with Wild Cherry where you’ll run down to Leif Erikson and the finish line.

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