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Shires of Vermont Marathon

Quick facts

Distance Marathon

Date 20 May 2018

About Shires of Vermont Marathon

The marathon is a point-to-point race from Bennington to Manchester Center, Vermont. The course follows mainly secondary roads through the villages of North Bennington, Shaftsbury, Arlington, Sunderland, and Manchester. Sections of the course will be closed to traffic. About eight miles consist of hard-packed dirt, with the remainder of the surface paved.

The Annual Shires of Vermont Marathon and HAlf Marathon is a point-to-point picturesque tour of some of the best scenery New England has to offer.  The marathon begins at Bennington College, a small but beautiful liberal arts college.  The runners are taken through the quaint village of North Bennington and then proceed to the back roads of Shaftsbury.  Surrounded by natural canopy and apple blossoms, the mountains are so close you can taste them.  Continuing north, the runners arrive at the half-way point and the beginning of the half marathon at the Arlington Community Church, a classic white clapboard and steepled church.  The course proceeds north traversing a covered bridge as the introduction to Sunderland and its rolling hills.  Further north, Manchester awaits where you emerge from the quiet serenity of rural Vermont and enter into a quaint downtown area as the final 2 miles are left.  From the center of Manchester, the rrace finishes at Riley Rink at Hunter Park where shelter from the elements, a well trained medical staff, food, and showers await.


Half Marathon

  • 21.1km


  • 42.195km

Bennington College



Riley Rink



The race begins at Bennington College, a small private liberal arts school, heads through the small town of North Bennington before entering into the back roads of Shaftsbury.  The half-way point is at the Federated Church in East Arlington, which is also the start of the half marathon, and heads toward the Chiselville Covered Bridge and onto Sunderland Hill Road with spectacular views of mountains and meadows while protected by a canopy of trees.  The course takes you through Manchester's back roads before emerging onto downtown Manchester.  The course concludes with a run through the downtown area of Manchester and on to Hunter Park finishing at Riley Rink with plenty of amenities including showers for all participants.

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