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TCS New York City Marathon

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Beginning with just 55 finishers racing around Central Park, the New York Marathon has grown to become one of the most popular marathons around the world. The original race was nothing more than circling repeatedly through Central Park, but since 1970 when it was created, the route has been expanded to see more of NewYork’s character and excitement. 

The new course tromps through five various boroughs of New York City and it is now the largest marathon in the world, touting over 50,000 finishers yearly.In a class alongside the Boston Marathon and the Chicago Marathon, it is considered one of the most prominent marathons in the United States, pulling people from around the world to compete. The new course allows those who have never seen the big apple to tromp through five different sections of the city and beyond.Held on the first Sunday of November every year, it is a race that is opened to both amateur and professional athletes alike. 

Due to the popularity of the race and the infamy of it, participation is based solely on a lottery system, which makes it a very exclusive event. Members of the NYRR have priority, gaining entry by meeting qualifications, they are guaranteed a spot, or they can obtain a nomination via an official running club affiliate.


TCS New York City Marathon

  • 42.195km


After Race Services

Crossing the TCS New York City Marathon finish line in Central Park is one of the thrills of a lifetime! Here's what to expect: MarathonFoto will take your picture and video as you cross the finish line. Keep your race number visible, look up, and smile! Soon after, a volunteer will place a medal around your neck. You'll receive a HeatSheet presented by United Airlines and Foot Locker. You'll receive a TCS New York City Marathon Runner Recovery Bag presented by Hospital for Special Surgery containing Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, Gatorade® Recover beverage, Gatorade® Thirst Quencher, a PowerBar, a New York State McIntosh apple, and Snyder's of Hanover pretzels. Medical aid will be available throughout the finish and post-finish areas.

Aid Stations

Fluid stations are at located every mile along the course beginning at mile 3. They will provide: Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water (Also available at the start and finish) Gatorade® Endurance Formula™ - Lemon / Lime Flavor (Except for Mile 17). Fluids will be dispensed in recyclable cups on tables on both sides of the course. To avoid the bottleneck at the first table, get a cup from a later table. Please keep moving after you pick up your cup.

Maximum Time

The time limit for this course is 8½ hours.


We provide Participants with race bibs that contain a device called a “B-Tag” designed to record race ... location points over a given race course for purposes of timing and scoring Participants’ Events.

TCS New York City Marathon Route Map

TCS New York City Marathon Route Map


Staten Island

New York,us


Tavern on the Green in Central Park

New York,us


  • Prospect Park
  • Queensboro Bridge
  • Ave. Bridge
  • Willis Street Bridge
  • Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
  • Central Park


The marathon race begins on Staten Island, in Fort Wadsworth, near the approach to the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. After descending the bridge, the course winds through Brooklyn, mostly along Fourth Avenue and Bedford Avenue, for approximately the next 11 miles (18 km). Runners pass through a variety of neighborhoods, including: Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, Park Slope, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint.At 13.1 miles (21.1 km), runners cross the Pulaski Bridge, marking the halfway point of the race and the entrance into Long Island City, Queens. 

After about 2.5 miles (4.0 km) in Queens, runners cross the East River via the Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan. It is at this point in the race when many runners begin to tire, as the climb up the bridge is considered one of the most difficult points in the marathon.Reaching Manhattan after about 16 miles (26 km), the race proceeds north on First Avenue, then crosses briefly into The Bronx via the Willis Avenue Bridge for a mile before returning into Manhattan via the Madison Avenue Bridge. It then proceeds south through Harlem down Fifth Avenue and into Central Park. At the southern end of the park, the race proceeds across Central Park South, where thousands of spectators cheer runners on during the last mile. At Columbus Circle, the race re-enters the park and finishes outside Tavern on the Green.

TCS New York City Marathon Trivia

The New York Marathon was established in 1970 by Vince Chaipetta and Fred Lebow but was held exclusively within the compounds of Central Park.The first race consisted of over 127 registries, of which only 55 men completed by crossing the finish line, and the one female who entered, didn’t make it due to illness along the path.Winners of the first marathon were given recycled bowling and baseball trophies along with cheap wristwatches as prizes.The official entry amount for the first marathon was just $1 and the event itself had a budget of just $1000. In 2012, the marathon was canceled due to the enormous destruction of Storm Sandy. In November, however, thousands of runners joined to show their support by running through Central Park and Staten Island, to bring attention to the needs of those suffering through the effects of the storm.

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