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Manitoba Marathon


Chancellor Matheson Road



University of Manitoba Stadium



START facing East on North side of Chancellor Matheson between Ken Ploen Way and University Cres. -Turn Left, NORTH on westernmost lane of University Cres. (against traffic) to Pembina Hwy. -NORTH across bridge of Pembina Hwy., turn right (against traffic) at exit from Bishop Grandin Blvd. -EAST along north lane of Bishop Grandin Blvd., turn left on River Rd. -NORTH along River Rd., turn right on St. Vital Rd. -EAST along St. Vital Rd., turn left on Dunkirk Dr. -NORTH along Dunkirk Dr., left onto the Kingston Cres./Dunkirk Dr. exit ramp (in front of the Canoe Club). -EAST along Kingston Cres./ Rosewarne Ave., turn left on St. Mary’s Rd. -NORTH along St. Mary’s Rd., turn left on Lyndale Dr. -WEST, NORTH and EAST along Lyndale Dr., turn left on Main St. -NORTH along Main St., turn left on Assiniboine Ave. -WEST along Assiniboine Ave., turn right on Kennedy St. -NORTH along Kennedy St., turn left on Broadway. -WEST along Broadway, turn left on Balmoral St. -SOUTH then WEST on Balmoral St., turn left on Young St. -SOUTH along Young St., turn right on Westminister Ave. -WEST along Westminister Ave., turn left on Langside Ave. -SOUTH along Langside Ave., continue straight onto East Gate, turn right on Blanchard Ave. -WEST along Blanchard Ave., turn right on Middle Gate. -NORTH along Middle Gate, continue straight onto Furby St., turn left on Wolseley Ave. -WEST along Wolseley Ave. WEST along Wolseley Ave., turn right on Raglan Rd. -NORTH along Raglan Rd., turn left on Portage Ave. -WEST along Portage Ave to Overdale Street, turn left to cross the Assiniboine River Footbridge. -SOUTH along Assiniboine River Footbridge into Assiniboine Park, turn left on Assiniboine Park Dr. -EAST along Assiniboine Dr., turn left on Assiniboine Dr., -EAST along Assiniboine Dr., continue straight on Wellington Cres. -EAST along Wellington Cres., turn right on Guelph St. -SOUTH along Guelph St., turn left on Grosvenor Ave. -EAST along Grosvenor Ave., turn right on Harrow St. -SOUTH along Harrow St., slight left on Harrow St. E., to Pembina Hwy. turn right -SOUTH along Pembina Hwy., turn right and loop over Jubilee / Pembina overpass. Turn right onto South lane (against traffic) of Jubilee Ave. -WEST along Jubilee Ave., turn left on Pembina Hwy. -SOUTH along Pembina Hwy (against traffic), turn left on Point Rd. -EAST along Point Rd., turn left on Oakenwald Ave. -EAST along Oakenwald Ave, turn right on North Dr. -SOUTH along North Dr., right on South Dr. -WEST then SOUTH on South Dr., turn left on Crane Ave. -EAST along Crane Ave., turn right on Stretford Rd. -SOUTH along Stretford Rd., through Crescent Drive Park, and curve WEST on Crescent Dr. Turn left on Pembina Hwy. -SOUTH along east lane of Pembina Hwy. (against traffic) to University Cres. -SOUTH along University Cres. (against traffic) crossing over at the first median cut in the boulevard to the southbound, westernmost lane (with traffic). Turn right onto northernmost, westbound lane of Chancellor Matheson Rd. -WEST on Chancellor Matheson Rd., past the start area, turn right at Ken Ploen Way (first entrance to the University Stadium). -NORTH along Ken Ploen Way, turn left towards the track, turn right onto the track, and run counter clockwise for one third of a one lap, finishing facing SOUTH at the Manitoba Marathon finish line.

The race information has been found on the official website of the event or through publicly available sources. Always refer to the official website the latest race information. Please let us know if any data is wrong or missing, by emailing us.