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Kaohsiung International Marathon

Quick facts

Location Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Distance Marathon

About Kaohsiung International Marathon

Kaohsiung International Marathon is organized by Kaohsiung City Government Bereau of Education in National Stadium, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The race aims to encourage a healthy lifestyle, to develop sports events in Taiwan, to promote Kaohsiung City’s scenery, and to develop Kaohsiung City’s tourism. The events include a marathon, a half marathon and a 3K run.


(Shihyun Blvd)



(Kaohsiung National Stadium)

Kaohsiung National Stadium, Shiyun Boulevard, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan




The Start (Shihyun Blvd) > Cuihua Rd. > Dazhong Motorcycle Underpass > Dazhong 2nd Rd. > Bo’ai 3rd to 1st Rd. > Zhongshan 1st Rd. >Sanduo Rd. > Chengkung Rd. > Chingnian Rd. > Haibian Rd. > Hedong Rd. > Tongmeng 3rd Rd. > Jhihping Bridge (against traffic) > Huanhe St. > Meishu East 4th Rd. > Chinghai Rd. > Chinghai Overpass Bridge > Jiuru 4th Rd. > Zhonghua 1st Rd. > Zuoying Avenue slow lane > Chengfeng Rd. > Shengli Rd. > Xinzhuangzai Rd. > Huantan Rd. >  Mingtan Rd. > Cuiming Rd. >Haigong East Rd. > Haigong Rd. > Junxiao Rd. 【25k】> Youchang St. > Dezhong Rd. (against traffic) > Kezailiao River Bank Rd. 【Yuanjhong Wetlands】 > Jhongjheng Rd. > Jhongjheng Rd. turn back > Jhongjheng Rd. (against traffic) > Tonggang Rd. > Dianchang Rd., Dezhong Rd. (against traffic) > Daxue South Rd. > Lanchang Rd. > Houchangsin Rd. > Houchang Rd. > Zounan Rd. > Shihyun Blvd. > Junxiao Rd. > The Finish (Kaohsiung National Stadium)

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