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Hornindal Rundt

Quick facts

Location Hornindal, Norway

Distance Ultra marathon

About Hornindal Rundt

In the middle of Jotunheimen and the North Sea you will find Hornindal. Surrounded by the most beautiful and spectacular mountains the Nordic region has to offer, and with a nature that is only found in the adventure book, pioneer Amund Sverre Tomasgard never looked eighth. Hornindal was to create the ultimate ultra mountain race, so much tougher than the world had seen before. 20 mountain posts, 75 kilometers and 5,600 altitude meters were to be completed in one and the same race. Feel that you get to stand on the Yellow Cup and glimpse the Jostedals glacier in the south, the Sunnmørsalpane in the north and the sea in the west, so tired in the legs that only the will and the raw material will continue to keep you going. Feel as you pass the finish line after hours of hard-fought combat in the wild and can see that you’ve completed a race few others have done before you.


75 km

  • 72.5km

38 km

  • 38km

75 km Relay

  • 75km


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