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Utrecht Science Park Marathon

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Ort Utrecht, Netherlands

Distanz Marathon

Datum 19 Apr 2020

Über Utrecht Science Park Marathon

The Utrecht Marathon (Utrecht Science Park Marathon) is an annual marathon competition which takes place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in March. First held in 1978 as the U N Marathon, the event featured a full marathon competition 21.0975 kilometres (13.1094 mi) and also a half marathon race. It attracted a largely domestic field of runners in its first decade and began to attract other European runners in the 1990s. 

The marathon race was removed from the programme of events between 1999 and 2004, and the city of Utrecht hosted just the half marathon during this period. Another organisation had created the Leidsche Rijn Marathon in 2000, whose course ran through the local area from Vleuten to De Meern. The race organiser groups combined their efforts in 2005, forming the Utrecht Marathon, and the city of Utrecht once again hosted annual marathon and half marathon races.



  • 42,195km

21 km

  • 21,097km

RTV Utrecht 10km

  • 10km

ROC Midden Nederland 5km

  • 5km


Maximale Zeit

The course has a time limit of 5hrs.

Utrecht Science Park Marathon Routenkarte

Utrecht Science Park Marathon Routenkarte


Utrecht Science Park



Utrecht is one of the Netherlands' oldest cities, with a compact medieval centre set out around canals unique to the Netherlands: there's a lower level where warehouses were located in the 13th century, giving the canals a split-level character and meaning that diners and drinkers can nip off the street and enjoy a snack or a drink down at water level.

While the canals form Utrecht's restful core, elsewhere the city is busy reinventing itself, and part of the excitement is witnessing this ongoing transformation. Roads such as Catharijnebaan are being turned back into the canals they once were and the spectacular new train station, nearing completion, adds a vital complement to the old town, adjoined by a greatly expanded concert hall that includes five venues.


The route of the Utrecht Science Park Marathon consists of two rounds. The half marathon runners run this course first time. From the start at the Science Park is the trail through the center of Utrecht on the Maliebaan, Canals and the Duomo. Then price is put towards nature on the city's east side. The Bunnik is crossed to finish the round at the Uithof.

The 5km mainly runs through the estate Rhijnauwen. The 10km runs through the estate to Bunnik. The 10km runs through the estate to Bunnik. After the passage of the center of Bunnik walk back again over the estate Rhijnauwen.

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