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Ultra Fiord

Auf Einen Blick

Distanz Ultramarathon

Rescheduled to 23 Apr 2021

Previous date: 24 Apr 2020

Über Ultra Fiord

The term ultra trail may be a slight understatement when it comes to the Ultra Fiord race.

The is race takes place in the wilds in Chile’s Patagonia region in the middle of April. Here, at the bottom of the world, an ultra-trail becomes more of a raid than anything. Imagine yourself expecting a long, strenuous race in a magical landscape like Patagonia. In fact, what you get once the race begins, are challenges you never thought possible.

The race could hardly have a better name. Taking place in mythical Patagonia, the course brings runners to discover the land of fjords, long, narrow inlets created by the erosion of glaciers that have shaped a stunning landscape that leads you into thinking that you might bump into a Hobbit at the next turn. This region of the planet is characterised by thousands of kilometers of fjords, formed by the passage of gigantic glaciers since thousands of years ago. This is possibly the country’s “best-kept secret.” The journey into the world of fiords is both magical and mystical.

This is a trail running event where you will need a sense of adventure to come face to face with one of the wildest natural landscapes, shaped by the unpredictable weather conditions and challenging terrains of Southern Patagonia. On the race course you will traverse across rivers, mud, peat bogs, glacier-filled mountains and big rocks, pushing your limits through a unique experience that is both rewarding and self-transcending.

The race offers a 100 mile, 100k, 70k, 50k and 50k duo.


Ultra Fiord 21K

  • 21km

Ultra Fiord 95K

  • 95km

Ultra Fiord 60K

  • 60km

Ultra Fiord 136K

  • 136km

Ultra Fiord 50K

  • 50km

Ultra Fiord 80K

  • 80km

Ultra Fiord 115K

  • 115km

Ultra Fiord 42K

  • 42km



The minimum age in order to participate is 18 years old. In all cases, age is considered fulfilled the same day of the race.

Ultra Fiord Routenkarte

Ultra Fiord Routenkarte


Estancia el Kark

Puerto Natales,cl


Puerto Natales

Puerto Natales,cl




Great scenery along the course.


The event will be held in the Province of Ultima Esperanza (Last Hope), Magellan and Chilean Antarctica Region. The region’s capital is Punta Arenas; however, the closest town and logistics center to the course is Puerto Natales (Lat. 51º 44`S), which is also both the finish for the 100K and 100 Mile distances, as well as the location for the awards ceremony. Puerto Natales is 250km away from Punta Arenas.

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