Ultra Fiord

03 Feb 2024 (Sat)


30km, 16km, 42km, 55km, Marathon

Ultra Fiord

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In the year 2015, Ultra Fiord® was the first trail-running event with a distance of 100-Miles in Southern Patagonia, Chile. During its short history, the event has brought together runners from more than 30 countries, all of whom has traveled to the Patagonia’s extreme south to fulfill this dream of running in one of the planet’s most pristine places. A few notable runners that have passed through these Ultra Fiord territories are Jeff Browning (USA), Xavier Thevenard (France), Benoit Girondel (France), Philipp Reiter (Germany), Kirssy Moehl (USA), Ragna Debats (Netherlands), Nikki Kimball (USA), Pere Aurell (Spain), Genís Zapater (Spain), Fernando Nazário (Brazil), Manu Vilaseca (Brazil) and Piotr Hercog (Poland), among others.

Ultra Fiord is a unique and unforgettable experience, but at the moment of deciding whether to participate, it is very important to consider that this event has been designed for mountain runners with experience. The race routes penetrate mountainous areas that are both in the wild and without vehicle access. In addition, the climate is restless, and can even sometimes become hostile. Therefore, before making the decision to register, we invite you to review all of the available information on our website and even invite you to write us expressing any and all concerns. Even though you must pass a revision process to register for the race, the most important aspect of registration is that you have the security that you are preparing for this challenge!

IMPORTANT: You must understand that Ultra Fiord® is a true, authentic mountain race, with significant altitudes and technical sections, which takes place in a complex geographical area that can sometimes experience hostile weather conditions, meaning previous experience is both a must and a requirement in order to participate. In order to take part in the event, you must know and accept the event’s rules and regulations. Before registering, it is your responsibility to read the Official Rules & Regulations of Ultra Fiord® 2024. In order to successfully register, you must comply with these regulations and meet the following minimum requirements according to race distance:

ULTRA FIORD® 16K: Have completed at least 2 trail-running events of distances greater than or equal to 10km.

ULTRA FIORD® 30K: Have completed at least 2 trail-running events of distances greater than or equal to 20km.

ULTRA FIORD® 42K: Have completed at least 2 trail-running events of distances greater than or equal to 42km.

ULTRA FIORD® 55K: Have completed at least 2 trail-running events of distances greater than or equal to 50km.

Any mountain experience, recreational or sporting, whether it be excursions, treks or ascents, will be considered an important complement to your experience as a runner.

NOTE: All of the information completed in your application to register will be reviewed, and should you not meet the minimum requirements established for each race distance needed to participate, your registration could be rejected. In these cases, the registration amount will be refunded after subtracting 5% for administrative expenses and will not include the commission paid to the ticketing agency or any other associated with the reimbursement.

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Since its origin, Ultra Fiord surprised the trail running world with its trails in one of the most remote and wild zones throughout Patagonia. A few of the most iconic images have been of the high-mountain passes, the glacier crossings, the pristine forests, and the views towards and fjords and mountains in Torres del Paine National Park. The event’s character is marked by the extreme weather conditions in southern Patagonia, which at times can be very hostile. The eighth edition of Ultra Fiord® will take place on Saturday, 3 February 2024. We will return for the third time to run in the middle of summer in Patagonia. Compared to the first editions, which took place in April (Fall in Patagonia), we will expect warmer temperatures, less chance of precipitation, maybe a bit more wind, and days with much more sunlight. We still must be prepared for everything! The race routes are located in the same wild area that has marked the character of Ultra Fiord® since its first edition. Some race segments still remain, but the new model that began in 2022 allows us to access additional lookouts with amazing panoramic views. The race distances for this new summer edition will be: 55K, 42K, 30K & 16K. Previous experience in the mountains is required for all race distances. PUERTO NATALES is the base city for Ultra Fiord®. In the days leading up to the race, the city will serve as the base for kit pick-up and center of operations & information for the event. In addition, the official buses will leave to the Starting Lines from the city and return here from the Finish Line as well.
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Start address: Torres del Paine, Torres de Paine, Chile

Finish address: Torres del Paine, Torres de Paine, Chile


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Ultra Fiord

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