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Whitefish Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K

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Datum 22 Mai 2021

Über Whitefish Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K

The Whitefish Marathon is hosted by The Wave and is supported by its many sponsors. 100% of proceeds will be donated to The Wave Scholarship Fund.
Boston Qualifying all-road, scenic course that starts and finishes at Depot Park in beautiful downtown Whitefish, MT.
The half and full marathons share the first 13.1 miles


Half Marathon

  • 21,097km


  • 5km


  • 42,195km

Lion Mountain Trailhead of the Whitefish Trail System



The Wave Aquatic and Fitness Center (“The Wave”) 1250 Baker Avenue, Whitefish



MILES 1 – 6: Marathon Race Start – The race will begin a half mile down from the Lion Mountain trailhead of the new Whitefish trail system and runners will stay on the trail for about 6.45 miles. They will get off the trail and head east up Beaver Lake Road.

MILES 7 – 13.8: They will get back on the whitefish trail and head north to mile 12.10. They will get off the trail and head east up a dirt road to mile 13.8 the turn left down an overgrown jeep road which takes you to the railroad tracks. (stay to the left when Y’s) This stretch is the most rugged part of the course, and one of the most difficult in terms of elevation gain and loss.

MILES 14 – 16: The jeep road contains the downhill section. Watch your step! Runners cross the railroad tracks with the help of special crossing guards. If a train holds you up, take advantage of the breather and know that our capable mathematicians will deduct your waiting time from your finish time! (The first porta- potty is here as well.) After crossing the tracks, you come out onto pavement. Enjoy the beauty at this end of Whitefish Lake where you’ll see horse ranches, wetlands, and maybe even a llama or two! Our lead runner in 2005 saw a black bear!

MILES 17 – 20: Enjoy beautiful views of Whitefish Lake as you run along the northeast shore. This stretch is a gentle but persistent climb.

MILES 21 – 24: This part of the course is slightly downhill and we think the easiest 4 miles of the day. Enjoy views of City Beach.

MILES 25 – 26.2: Welcome to Whitefish’s brand-new bike path! Cross 2nd Street with the help of our friendly Police Department, and enjoy views of the Whitefish River. Turn right onto Baker and head for THE FINISH. Congratulations! You’ve just finished the Two Bear Marathon!

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