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Taipei Standard Chartered Marathon

Auf Einen Blick

Ort Taipei, Taiwan

Distanz Marathon

Datum 19 Jan 2020

Über Taipei Standard Chartered Marathon

With its lanes of blackened walk-ups and countless shopfronts, the city may look like it was thrown together in a hurry, but look again. Great care has been taken to make it a truly liveable place for people: public transport grids the city well and is fast and cheap; every few blocks there’s a park with a generous supply of benches, shelters and flowers; good (and sometimes great) coffee is everywhere; the MRT has courtesy umbrellas free for rainy days; and a clean and free public toilet is never far away.

With that being said, the Taipei Standard Chartered Marathon is the place to be!!

Founded in 1993, ROA’s mission is to transform the marathon from "professional sports" to "diversified road activities for the health of the whole people".
With the support of the central and county governments and the support of the enterprises, the Association for Professional Services and marketing services, so that athletics and common development of the movement, the health and happiness to all the people.



  • 42,195km

Half Marathon

  • 21,097km

3 km Fun Run

  • 3km

8.5 km

  • 8,5km



This race adopts a Race Timing Chip system to record the race results. All compete participants will receive a racing bib, souvenirs and one race timing chip. All chip times and results of the competition events will be displayed at the site.

Taipei Standard Chartered Marathon Routenkarte

Taipei Standard Chartered Marathon Routenkarte


Ketagalan Boulevard



Dazhi Bridge



  • Dazhi Bridge
  • Meidi Riverside Park
  • Yuanshan Riverside Park
  • Chengde Bridge
  • Keelung River



Ketagalan Boulevard (Start) → Zhongshan S. Rd. → Zhongshan N. Rd. Sec. 1 to 3 → Bei An Rd. → Mingshui Rd. → Lequan 1st Rd. → Tiding Blvd. → MacArthur No. 2 Bridge → MacArthur No. 2 Bridge Ramp to Jiankang Rd. → Left U-turn at Jiankang Rd. → Left turn at Tayou Rd. → Right turn at Guanshan Evacuation Gate (Keelung River Gate No. 5) → Access bridge ramp to MacArthur Bridge No. 1 and cross the Keelung River → Caihong Riverside Park → Meidi Riverside Park → Yuanshan Riverside Park → Turnaround beneath the Chengde Bridge → Yuanshan Riverside Park → Meidi Riverside Park → Caihong Riverside Park → Chengmeiyouan Riverside Park → Turnaround at Changshou Evacuation Gate (Keelung River Gate No. 12) → Chengmeiyouan Riverside Park → Access bridge ramp to MacArthur Bridge No. 1 and cross the Keelung River → Guanshan Riverside Park → Yingfeng Riverside Park → Finish in front of the Dazhi Bridge.

Half Marathon

 Half Marathon 21.0975 km Line: Kaidagelan Avenue (starting point)> Zhongshan South Road> Zhongshan North Road 1 to 3> Bei'an Road> Mingshui Road> Lecun Road> Diping Avenue> Under the civil rights bridge (East to West) Lane> To the success of the original line under the bridge reentry> Central East Elevated> Turn right back to Mai Shuai Bridge after the next Healthy Ramp> Healthy Road> Turn left Tower Road> Turn right (base 6) tower evacuation door> Guan Shan Riverside Park> Windward Riverside Park> Dazhi Bridge next (end)


Road Group 10 km Directions: Kaidagelan Avenue (starting point)> Turn right to Zhongshan South Road> Turn left to Aiguo East Road> Turn left to Hangzhou South Road> Turn left to Xinyi Road> Turn right to Zhongshan South Road> Turn right to Renai Road> Turn left Jinshan South Road> Upper Xinsheng Viaduct (South to North)> Lower Zhongshan North Road Original Line Exhumation> Newborn Elevated Road (North to South)> Lower Riverside Street Ramp> Turn left Riverside Street> Turn left (base 10) Good Riverside Park (terminal)


Recreation Group / Parents Fun Group 3 km Course: Dajia Riverside Park Fountain (Start)> Dajia Riverside Park> Drive> To Zhongshan Bridge Under the original line turn left> Under the freeway bridge> Riverside bike path> Dajia Riverside Park Fountain (End)

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