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Stavanger Marathon

Auf Einen Blick

Ort Stavanger, Norway

Distanz Marathon

Datum 29 Aug 2020

Über Stavanger Marathon

Stavanger Marathon starts and ends in the central city square outside Norways oldest Cathedral. The course goes out along the beautiful Hafrsfjord, where runners pass the memorial "Swords in Rock. With great variation in length and route the Stavanger Marathon festival of running provides a challenge suitable for all!


Service nach dem Lauf

After the race you will have a pasta salad (also vegetarian alternative), banana and one bottle of water.


5 km: 11 years, 21 km: 15 years & 42 km: 18 years.


Drink stations are situated every 4-5 km. Water and sports drinks available (only water at the first station). Sports drink is always first.  For the marathon there will be bananas at 31 and 39 km and Coke at 39 km. Banana for half marathon at 10 and 18 km. 


The three quickest women and men, regardless of age group, in each of the 5 km, 21 km and 42 km races will receive prizes. All participants receive a nice medal.

Lagerung der Ausrüstung

There will be storage facilities in tents at the starting area, in which you can also change clothes. Runners are encouraged not to put valuables in the bags. You may shower at the Stavanger Swimming Pool that is about 300 meters from the finish area.

Maximale Zeit

42 km: 6 hours ; 21 km: 3 h 30 min. ; 5 km: 45 min


We encourage all our participants to take the bus, walk or cycle on the day of the race.

Angebotener Fotoservice

Free photo.


Drinking stations every 3-5 km.


Time keeping is done by Ultimate Sport Service with electronic chips on your starting number. Everyone will get a net time, timed from the moment they pass the start line.

Stavanger Marathon Routenkarte

Stavanger Marathon Routenkarte


1 - 2



Bewertet am 02 September, 2018




Bewertet am 21 April, 2018


1 - 2


Stavanger Cathedral Square

Kongsgata 10, 4005 Stavanger, Norway




Stavanger Marathon has start and finish at the square outside Stavanger Cathedral. The church is the oldest cathedral in Norway and from the first half of the 1100s.

The marathon course go out along Hafrsfjord, where runners pass the memorial “Swords in Rock”, erected as a monument to the Viking battle in 872 as a result of which Norway became unified into one kingdom.

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