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St George's Day Marathon

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Distanz Marathon

Rescheduled to 23 Apr 2021

Previous date: 23 Apr 2020

Über St George's Day Marathon

Come celebrate St Georges Day with us!

We never seem to celebrate St Georges Day the same way that the other nations do that form the United Kingdom. So to do our little bit to rectify this and so that we can all celebrate being English or celebrate the English way of life we’re going to have a very small “English” marathon where we can show a bit of English pride!

We’re going to have a very limited field and the route will be as English as we can get it, whilst sticking to our usual motif of flat, decent surfaces, no traffic, no navigation and no mud!

We do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard. 

The theme is going to be red and white and we encourage all runners and helpers to wear these colours (its not compulsory but would be appreciated), military, St George, Dragons, Knights Templars, that kind of thing. English! Fancy dress, an England shirt, anything like that! We’re going to have an English style aid station, (in addition to the usual goodies that we provide!!) and a medal that is going to be the pride of your collection! It’s going to be huge and functional… we’re looking to surpass our usual standards of goody bags too!

We put on marathons run exactly the way we wish they were all run. Low key, friendly and with most of the entry fee being spent on the runners. Please consider joining us in Kent in April for a fun day out along the Kent Coast!.


42 km

  • 42,195km

Kingsdown Road, Walmer, Kent



This course is going to be a five lap route that goes past Deal Castle and Walmer Castle (unfortunately some sea defence works rather limit our options this year...) along a typical English sea front in Deal, we have a pier, chip shops, life boats, fishing boats, shingle beach (which you'll only be on if you're lost!) maybe even a family braving the beach with a windbreak!


The race follows a 5 x 5.24 mile out-and-backs course along a relatively flat stretch of the Saxon Shore Way between Kingsdown and Deal. Runners will pass Walmer Castle and Deal Castle along the route. The course runs along a stretch of the Saxon Shore Way between Kingsdown and Deal. The total elevation gain is probably sub 100' for the entire marathon. Navigation is simple, always hold on the path nearest the sea (there are several parallel paths so you'd end up on the same route, but would be slightly cutting the course short.) The first turn around is right opposite Walmer Castle, we'll have that marked, you'll then run along the whole length of Deal sea front, along the promenade past Deal Castle, Deal Pier, the newly renovated sea defences before finally turning around at Sandown Castle (though you'll be forgiven for missing this one as it was turned in to part of the defences long ago).

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