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SoCal Wine Country Women's Half Marathon & 5K

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Distanz Halbmarathon

Datum 30 Mai 2020

Über SoCal Wine Country Women's Half Marathon & 5K

Welcome to the Annual SoCal Wine Country Women’s Half Marathon and 5K. We are proud to bring you Southern California’s ORIGINAL trail race for women!

Come join us for a celebration of running, trails, competition and friendship as you explore this challenging course. Push yourself to new limits and celebrate your accomplishments with friends, new and old, at the post-race celebration.

Whether this is your first race or you’re a trail running veteran, the SoCal Wine Country Half Marathon & 5K will challenge you over a beautiful course. After the race, hang out with friends, new and old, at the awards ceremony and post-race celebration. There will be food and drink, wine, and product demonstrations from our various sponsors.

This is a women’s only race and the perfect chance for all of you men to come out and support the women in your lives and show them how much you love them and their running!


Half Marathon

  • 21,082354km


  • 5km



Seven aid stations will be placed on-course between the start and finish areas. Various non-profits, school teams and other groups host these aid stations. They are placed on-course at key locations and intervals approximately 1.5 miles apart.

Maximale Zeit

The half marathon course is limited to four hours. However we will not kick you off of the course, you just have to obey traffic laws as the roads open back up.


An $10 parking fee is included in your race entry. There is parking for all runners on-site but there will be a lot of cars arriving at the same time so allow yourself plenty of time to park and walk to race site.


There will be course support every 1.5-2.5 miles. If you like to drink more water than that we recommend carrying a fuel belt or a water bottle so you can fill up at the water stations. In addition to water, Honey Stinger energy fuel/gel and Ultima Replenisher electrolyte drink will be at select course support stations.​

SoCal Wine Country Women's Half Marathon & 5K Routenkarte

SoCal Wine Country Women's Half Marathon & 5K Routenkarte





The half marathon course is 95% paved roads with a wide dirt road at the very end. Although not as hilly as years past, we recommend training for the Temecula Half Marathon on a few hills.

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