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Ort Säter, Sweden

Distanz Marathon

Datum 09 Mai 2020

Über Sätermaran

Sätermaran is one of the oldest still arranged marathons in Sweden. It is a small race – both in number of runners and audience, but can be a good exercise before a bigger marathon event. The race organizers are known to be friendly and the arrangement to be well prepared. Sätermaran lincudes both a full, half and quarter marathon and everyone starts at the same time. The shorter distances have their turning point sooner than the longer ones.

Säter is located in Dalarna country and the town was founded in 1630. Much of its old town is preserved and you can see wooden houses and street structure from that time, which few Swedish cities have. One of the oldest houses is the city hall.



  • 10,5km


  • 21km


  • 42,195km

Kungsgårdsskolan school yard



Between Klockarskolan and Säters såg



The full marathon track consisits of 21 km road raceing out and back to the city Säter. The route is quite open and therefore sensitive to wind. The track is relatively easy to run, a little pitch for a kilometer, then fairly flat. The half marathon is a "reversible lane", starting in Säter and then going to Solvarbo where it turns.

Sätermaran Wissenswertes

The town is (in)famous for "Säter hospital" opened in 1912 and at the time Sweden's largest mental hospital

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