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Rocky 50 Trail Run

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Distanz Ultramarathon - 80km

Über Rocky 50 Trail Run

Huntsville State Park is a 2083 acre park that is nested in the tall pines and along the shores of the 215 acre man-made Lake Raven. The park is located about six miles southwest of Huntsville and is the host for the annual Rocky 50.

The Rocky 50, 50 mile race is a perfect race if you want to run your first ultra, or if you want to run a really fast 50, this is your course. Just enough change in elevation, lots of exposed tree roots, beautiful pine trees with their needles nestled under your feet, cool bridges, a gorgeous east Texas lake, wildlife, and a wonderful set of aid stations and volunteers. 



  • 80,467km


  • 50km


  • 21,097km



There is ample amount of camping onsite at Rocky Hill Ranch.


The aid stations begin with all the basics: Tailwind, Vfuel gels, water, coke, ginger ale, salted items in pretzels and chips, sugars in candies, plus cookies, ramen, and pb&j sandwiches. Also, we usually find some fresh fruits such as oranges, bananas, and melons. We might also be making hot items at various aid stations later in the race. Not all aid stations will have the same foods.


Top 3 male and Top 3 female will be awarded.

Maximale Zeit

15 hrs


There will be parking available at the area near the lodge. There will be park staff on site to direct people where to park or not park.


Chip Timing


Huntsville State Park



 Lake Raven


The single track and jeep road course has minimal elevation gain, but does roll a bit. The park is full of pines and much of the course rides on a bed of pine needles and dirt. Most of the single track is covered with roots.
The 50mi course is three 16.7mi loops.

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