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Peach City Runfest

Auf Einen Blick

Ort Penticton, Canada

Distanz Halbmarathon

Datum 19 Mai 2019

Über Peach City Runfest

Penticton combines the idle pleasures of a beach resort with its own edgy vibe. It’s long been a final stop in life for Canadian retirees, which adds a certain spin to its Salish-derived name Pen-Tak-Tin, meaning ‘place to stay forever.’ The town today is growing fast, along with the rest of the Okanagan Valley.

Penticton makes a good base for your valley pleasures. There are plenty of activities and diversions to fill your days, even if you don’t travel further afield. Ditch Hwy 97, which runs west of the center, for Main St and the attractively walkable downtown area, which extends about 10 blocks southward from the picture-perfect lakefront; avert your eyes from the long stretch of strip malls and high-rise condos further south.

With that being said, the Peach City Half Marathon is the place to be!!

If you’d like to experience a Peach City event without committing to 42K, the 21K race is for you! This is a distance that almost everyone can handle with some smart training and good spirit. Whether you are a seasoned runner or a first timer, you can expect to be cheered all the way.

Running a half marathon is both physically and mentally demanding. While it is imperative to train smart, slowly building up distance and endurance, it is also important to eat correctly and stay hydrated before, during and after the race.

Whatever level of participation you choose, from hoping to set a personal record to just wanting to go the distance, you’re sure to enjoy an exciting race experience at the Peach City RunFest in scenic Penticton, BC.


10K Run

  • 10km

Half Marathon

  • 21,097km


Service nach dem Lauf

There will be a rejuvenation area set up at the Finish area with refreshments, food and coffee available. This is for athletes only please, as supplies are limited and not available to spectators and family members.


Aid stations will be approximately every 3 KMS on the course. There 3 aid stations for the 10 KM Run and 6 stations for the Half-Marathon. Each will be supplied with water, Eload sport drink and friendly volunteers. Aid station support will remain on course for a maximum of 3 hours. Stations will shut down along the course as the final runner passes. Each aid station will have cell phone contact with the Finish Line. In the case of a medical issue or drop out from the event, proceed to the nearest Aid Station and inform the aid station of your situation. The Finish Line area will have qualified emergency personnel available. Bathroom facilities are available at the Start/Finish areas in the Park. There will also be portable facilities available at the turn points of both events. There are NO SHOWER facilities at the Start/Finish area, however the lake is available for the hearty.


Skaha Beach has free parking lots at either end of the beach. Please only park in a designated parking lot. Residents in the area do not want their driveways blocked. The beach is patrolled and improperly parked vehicles will be ticketed.

Peach City Runfest Routenkarte

Peach City Runfest Routenkarte


WEST END of Skaha Beach Promenade



The Peach City Half Marathon is known for being a very picturesque, but tough marathon, with scenery ranging from Skaha Lake, to vineyards, to ranchlands. It was definitely one of the best marathon challenges around!


The start and finish locations are at the WEST END of Skaha Beach Promenade. The Start area is approximately 200 meters further west of the Finish Line.

From the start area, the course makes a right hand turn after approximately 120 meters onto Skaha Lake Road where the course proceeds North for 2.5KM. The Course then turns right and proceeds onto South Main Street and heads South to the edge of town 2.5KM. You will proceed past the 10 KM Turn Around and follow Skaha Lake for approximately 8KM to the turn around point (13 KM from the start), then return along Skaha Lake to the Skaha Beach Promenade and the Finish Line.

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