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Napa Valley Marathon

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Distanz Marathon

Datum 07 Mrz 2021

Über Napa Valley Marathon

Known as the “biggest little marathon in the West” the Napa Valley Marathon has earned its reputation for scenic views and jovial participants. Racing cross beautiful wine country, runners hit the wide open road in one of the most spectacular countrysides that the United States has to offer. Beginning in Calistoga where geysers abound, the course trails down along the Silverado Trail, finally finishing at the North Napa High School.

The scenic route is lined with blooming flowers and incredible views. Runners can either race for their own personal challenge, or they can choose a charity to sponsor. Always perfect, Napa Valley offers mild temperatures and beautiful skies all around. Because the spots fill up soon, it is best to plan ahead to get a spot. Over one hundred runner’s participation positions are reserved for those who are running for a cause.The whole community comes alive with the excitement of the marathon. From race pasta dinners to a VIP reception, there is no shortage of activities for out-of-towners to participate. A smaller marathon with a big heart, this is one not to miss.


Half Marathon

  • 21,097km


  • 42,195km

Kiwanis 5K

  • 5km



There are 13 aid stations along the course. We offer water, Gatorade Endurance, your special drinks, and medical supplies at later aid stations. Fruit (oranges, bananas) is available at aid stations during the second half of the course. Portable toilets are located at the start area, near each aid station and the finish line area. Aid stations will be located at the following distances from the start: Start, 2.0, 4.2, 6.6, 9.4, 11.9, 13.9, 16.1, 18.4, 20.7, 22.3, 24.0 and one just after the finish line.

Maximale Zeit

Our permits with Napa County, CalTrans and the California Highway Patrol; and insurance require that all runners be off the course by 1:00 p.m. We adhere to this 6 hour time limit and ask that if you can’t finish in that time period, please do not enter.


We offer Gatorade Endurance Formula and water at all aid stations and fruit at later aid stations. The aid stations at the 13.9 and the 18.4 mile marks will offer Clif Shot Energy Gel. You may provide your own special drinks.


A disposable chip will record your official time. The time on the digital clock may not match your official time.


There is no race-provided transportation to Calistoga after the race. However, there is public transportation. Public transportation is available at the Redwood Park & Ride across from the Marriott Hotel. Buses depart at approximately 40 minutes after the hour starting at 7:42 a.m. Shuttle service from the finish line to the Marriott is available starting at 10:00 a.m.As there is limited parking at the start line in Calistoga, we encourage you to park at Vintage High School and let us bus you to the start.

Napa Valley Marathon Routenkarte

Napa Valley Marathon Routenkarte





Vintage High School



The Kaiser Permanente Napa Valley Marathon boasts one of the most beautiful courses in the world. The course runs the length of the famed Napa Valley wine-growing region. It begins in Calistoga, famous for its geysers and curative waters, and winds south along the historic Silverado Trail to finish at Vintage High School in north Napa. Except for the last half-mile, the entire course is rural. Runners are treated to panoramic views of the valley, flowering fruit trees, and dormant vineyards carpeted with golden mustard flowers.


Point-to-point course takes place along the beautiful Silverado Trail in the Napa Valley, from Calistoga, south to the finish line at Vintage High School in Napa, California.

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