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Nanjing Xianlin Half Marathon

Auf Einen Blick

Ort Nanjing, China

Distanz Halbmarathon

Datum 21 Apr 2018

Über Nanjing Xianlin Half Marathon

To carry out the implementation of the State Council "National Fitness Program (2016 - 2020)", advocate the development of mass sports, the formation of a new fitness fitness new fashion, in accordance with the "vitality Xianlin" series of activities overall program plan, Zijin Agricultural Bank 2017 Nanjing Xianlin half way Marathon adhering to the "vitality, culture, rhyme, sharing," the theme of the event, with the most beautiful scenery, the best way, the best service, showing a visual feast, cultural feast, full display Xianlin human beauty, The beauty of ecology.

Nanjing Xianlin Half Marathon Routenkarte

Nanjing Xianlin Half Marathon Routenkarte


Yangshan Park Simon

Wen Lan Lu, Qixia Qu, Nanjing Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China, 210046


Xianlin is located in the beautiful scenery of the Purple Mountain, so there are purple to the East to say that the history of a number of celebrities have lived here, "He Lin Shuang Shu" is the best self-cultivation of the land. As an important deputy city of Nanjing, Xianlin based on its advantages to create a set of cultural, commercial, cultural landscape in one of the regional characteristics.

Have you remember, the Sentimental face, you carry the ideal, came to the University of the temple, because you come, Xianlin in September became special, because of your arrival, to Xianlin brought a new vigor, New vitality.

Strictly follow the command, to comply with discipline constraints, to keep a positive attitude, it is because of your high spirits of the spirit of style, only a neat square, mighty momentum and Xianlin so shocking beauty.

Wang Wang Lake as a quiet heart waves, guarding the inner quiet, reading you are the most beautiful scenery on campus. Seeking truth, while the youth full of knowledge with the wings, with the ideal forward, because countless the same you have Xianlin simple school of the wind.


Yangshan Park Simon - Wenyuan Road - Wenlan Road - Xianlin Avenue - Shoujing Road - Wei Road - Yuanhua Road (reentry) - Wei Road - Wen Lan Road - Wenyuan Road - ( End point) Yangshan Park Simon
Mini Marathon Line: (starting point) Yangshan Park Ximen - Wenyuan Road - Wenlan Road - Xianlin Avenue - Xue Dian Road - Wenyuan Road - (End) Yangshan Park Simon

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