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BMW Dallas Marathon, Half Marathon and Behringer Relay

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Über BMW Dallas Marathon, Half Marathon and Behringer Relay

The MetroPCS Dallas Marathon, formerly known as the Dallas White Rock Marathon, has taken place in December in Dallas, Texas, for over four decades. Beginning in 1971, the Dallas Marathon became a qualifying race on the way to the Boston Marathon. Over 12,000 runners, walkers, and wheelchair competitors, cross the finish line each year. In 2014, the course was completely revamped and updated.

The trail is a mixture between flat running and hilly obstacles, with bouts of running through the downtown Dallas city center. Part of the trail also races through the area surrounding the White Rock Lake, which makes it one of the most scenic marathons in the world. Not just a marathon, it is also a charitable race with the proceeds being donated to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

Beginning downtown, the race highlights the best parts of Dallas, passing through the heart of many neighborhoods that have their own style of entertainment during race day. No shortage of spectators, the locals are always there to cheer on the runners as they race toward the finish line.

Just one of the marathons that make up the Marathons of Texas, the other two are the Austin Marathon and the Houston Marathon, which form a series of events that are held just one month apart from one another. The triad goes from the winter months of December through February.


Dallas Marathon

  • 42,195km


  • 5km

Dallas Half Marathon

  • 21,097km


  • 10km


  • 50km

Downtown Dallas



Pioneer Plaza



  • White Rock Lake,
  • Baylor University Medical Center,
  • Turtle Creek,
  • Dallas’s ritzy Highland Park.


Both the full marathon and the half share the same starting line in downtown Dallas. From there, the course unfolds along a very gradual uphill for the first few miles, through the Baylor University Medical Center campus and the Old East Dallas neighborhood. After that, runners head northwest along Washington Avenue, Caddo Street and Lemmon Avenue, before turning right onto Turtle Creek Boulevard. After that, the next couple of miles keep runners alongside Turtle Creek, and once they pass the mile 5 marker the course begins another gradual uphill stretch that climbs about 160 feet over the next four miles. This section, through Dallas’s ritzy Highland Park neighborhood, is where the peak elevation of the half marathon course occurs, on Longview Street between miles 7 and 8. Once they pass the mile 8 marker, it’s (almost) all downhill from there. Long Stretches along Greenville Avenue, Munger Boulevard, Columbia Avenue and Main Street are followed by the home stretch along Canton and Young Streets, back in to the finish line near Pioneer Plaza and the cattle drive.

BMW Dallas Marathon, Half Marathon and Behringer Relay Wissenswertes

The Dallas Marathon was formally known as the Dallas White Rock Marathon. In 2008, Erin Lahr, a 29-year-old participant collapsed and died during the race. The race has been consistently held without fail from 1971 until present day, with only one year, 2013, being cancelled due to an in climate weather storm.

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