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Maratonina Città di Udine

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Ort Udine, Italy

Distanz Halbmarathon

Über Maratonina Città di Udine

Organized by Associazione Maratonina Udinese with Polisportiva Libertas Grions del Torre e Remanzacco. Competitive 21.097000 km race starts from Cividale del Friuli (UNESCO heritage city), passing through the towns of Moimacco and Remanzacco , and ends in Udine’s city centre. The race arrives in Udine, near Piazza Libertà. The course is measured and certified by FIDAL and IAAF.


Maratonina Città di Udine

  • 21,097km

Maratonina Città di Udine Routenkarte

Maratonina Città di Udine Routenkarte


central Piazza Libertà



Mercato Vecchio



While reluctantly ceding its premier status to Trieste in the 1950s, this confident, wealthy provincial city remains the spiritual and gastronomic capital of Friuli. Udine gives little away in its sprawling semirural suburbs, but encased inside the peripheral ring road lies an infinitely grander medieval centre: a dramatic melange of Venetian arches, Grecian statues and Roman columns. The old town is pristine, but lively. Bars here are not just for posing – kicking on is the norm.


The race of the competitive Marathon will start from the central Piazza Libertà and will wind along 21,097 km , arriving in Via Mercato Vecchio.

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