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Movistar Lima 42K

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Ort Lima, Peru

Distanz Marathon

Über Movistar Lima 42K

Lima 42K Marathon takes place each year in Lima, Peru. Approximately ten thousand participants are expected to participate, who will have the opportunity to compete in the marathon (42.195 km.), 21k (21 098 km.) And 10k. The competition have a maximum of 10,000 registration quotas (1400 to 42k, 21k and 2600 to 6000 for 10k).


Movistar Lima Maratón

  • 42,195km

Movistar Lima Medio Maratón

  • 21,097km

Movistar Lima Carrera 10k

  • 10km



All athletes who complete the course, crossing the finish line and return their timing chip will receive a medal finalist corresponding to the distance at which they are enrolled. So that your time is considered, timed and valid for any awards and / or claim.


The timing is done through an electronic system with chip (Pacific Timing).

Movistar Lima 42K Routenkarte

Movistar Lima 42K Routenkarte


Av. Canaval corner and Moreyra Republic of Panama - San Isidro


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