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Marathon 2 Marathon

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Distanz Marathon

Datum 24 Okt 2020

Über Marathon 2 Marathon

For a few hours in a little town in the middle of West Texas, 100 volunteers and 368 racers bring everything they have to a race called the M2M. Whether you’re looking for that fast Boston Qualifier, or just a more relaxed race, look no further! Dry, cool, high desert climate, gradual downhill, spectacular scenery, low traffic, and a downhill to the finish line where you can really pour it on!

Dry, cool, high desert climate, Gradual downhill, Spectacular scenery, Low traffic, If you’re under a time constraint and can’t make the usual festivities, Fort Stockton saves an hour of travel time.

The Marathon 2 Marathon or affectionately called M2M is the biggest event Marathon hosts. With a population of 420, our population can more than double on race day with 368 racers (2015) for a marathon, half marathon 10k or 5k. Unlike runs in larger towns, our racers have a HUGE impact on our economy and everyone who lives here is very excited to have them. Since 2011 the M2M has contributed almost $30,000 back into the community organizations which include the Marathon Volunteer Fire Dpt., Marathon Parent Teacher Organization, Marathon Public Library, Marathon Telescope project, Marathon Baptist Church as well as dollars into our local businesses. It is a heartfelt race of appreciation.



  • 42,195km

Half Marathon

  • 21,097km


  • 10km


  • 5km

North of Marathon on Hwy 385


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