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Liupanshui Summer International Marathon

Auf Einen Blick

Ort Liupanshui, China

Distanz Marathon

Datum 28 Jul 2019

Über Liupanshui Summer International Marathon

This event was hosted by Chinese Athletic Association, Sport Administration of Guizhou Province, and Liupanshui People's Government, and organized by Zhongshan District People's Government and Liupanshui Media Bureau. This event is positioned as a major sporting event, a festival for citizens, and a brand of the city.

Cool City Liupanshui Summer International Marathon has been awarded the title of excellent marathon in China for three consecutive years, and was accredited as a national demonstration project of the sports industry, a 2017 top ten sporting events, and the marathon training base in Guizhou.

As the only city that has successfully held summer international marathons for 5 consecutive years, Liupanshui has made this event an important platform to promote national fitness, increase the cultural taste, and ensure greater publicity. The event features well-prepared organizations, attentive services, complete security system, efficient and multi-dimensional marketing, optimized race routes, and comprehensive post-match services. The history, local customs and practices, culture, tourism resources, and many other advantages of Liupanshui are promoted to the world via broadcast television, print media, and the network, to promote the development of the sports industry, big health industry, and tourism and culture industry in the city, and expand the brand influence of the cool city.



20+ for marathon.

Maximale Zeit

6:10 for marathon.

Liupanshui Summer International Marathon Routenkarte

Liupanshui Summer International Marathon Routenkarte


Liupanshui, Guizhou, China



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