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Lanzhou International Marathon

Auf Einen Blick

Ort Lanzhou, China

Distanz Marathon

Datum 14 Jun 2020

Über Lanzhou International Marathon

***This event has been POSTPONED due to the COVID-19 pandemic***

Lanzhou International Marathon has been honourably awarded as China’s “Best Marathon” and “Marathon Gold Label Race” by Chinese Athletics Association, meanwhile it has upgraded into one of the National Scoring Races. Lanzhou International Marathon is carefully crafted on the course along the Yellow River line which is spotted with beautiful natural scenery and mountains and waters along the way, and it combines the Marathon spirit (to challenge themselves, beyond the limit, perseverance, never giving up) and Yellow River Culture together to be upgrade to a unique race in Northwest China.

The race has achieved great success. Firstly, it has promoted city’s image and influence, speeding up the pace of “let Lanzhou Walk to the World, Let the World know Lanzhou”. Secondly, it largely exhibits the scenery charm of the Yellow River and Lanzhou’s City, involve participants in the city like a piece of orchid and a home. Thirdly, The race has stimulates citizens’ sense of pride and honor, which is actively converted to speed up the power of urban development, affect the progress of civilization and development. Fourthly, it soon accumulates various economic elements, such as people’s flow, logistics information flow, as well as capital flow, forming into a “Lanzhou Hot.” Fifthly, it has developed the race social awareness. Lanzhou International Marathon has irritated a lot of applaud and discussion from media, citizens and net citizens.



  • 42,195km


  • 21,098km


Service nach dem Lauf

Relaxation service


Marathon: Runners have to be over 20 years old; Half-marathon: Runners have to be over 16 years old;


Every 2.5 kilometers will be an aid station. Every 100 meters will be a volunteer. 


There will be medals for runners who finish the marathon and half-marathon. 

Lagerung der Ausrüstung

The committee will offer the cloth deposit service. The athletes can deposit the items before the race and collect them after across the finish line

Maximale Zeit

Marathon: 6 hours 10 minutes; Half-marathon: 3 hours 15 minutes


The committee will offer some parking lots, however, we recommend runners to take the shuttles and public transportation to the race court

Angebotener Fotoservice

Runners can download their running pictures on the official website by their bib number. 

Das Laufkit beinhaltet

Race bag, T-shirt, Supplements (Energy bar, Salt pills), and other items


We will offer many special refreshments during the race contains Chinese cakes, chocolates, and local fruits


The detailed timing methods, please see the Rules and Regulations in the pdf file. 


The committee will offer the shuttle service before and after race. More details will be posted on the official website and official social media

Lanzhou International Marathon Routenkarte

Lanzhou International Marathon Routenkarte


Gansu International Convention & Exhibition Center

Gansu International Convention Center, Lanzhou, Gansu, China




As a runner while travelling through this scenic and historic city you will pass various sites such as: Yellow River, Zhongshan Iron Bridge, Gansu Agricultural University, Lanzhou Sports Park, Yantan Yellow River Bridge and Qilihe Yellow River Bridge, just to name a few.


Marathon route: (starting point) Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center (east) → Yantan Yellow River Bridge (bridge) → Nanbin River Road (west) → Lanzhou Sports Park → Ping Sha Yan Yan → Zhongshan Iron Bridge (Bridge South) → small West Lake overpass (bridge south) → Nanbin River Road → Qilihe Yellow River Bridge (Bridge South) → Silver Beach Yellow River Bridge (Bridge) → Beibinhe West Road (west) → Gannongda → Gansu Forest Fire Corps (turning point) → Gannan → Yintan Yellow River Bridge (North Bridge) → North Riverside Road (east) → Qilihe Yellow River Bridge (Bridge North) → Small West Lake overpass (Bridge North) → Zhongshan Iron Bridge (Bridge North) → Chengguan Yellow River Bridge Bridge north) → Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center (end)

Half) marathon route: (starting point) Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center (east) → Yantan Yellow River Bridge (bridge) → Nanbin River Road (west) → Lanzhou Sports Park → Ping Sha Yan Yan → Zhongshan Iron Bridge (East) → North Riverside East Road → Chengguan Yellow River Bridge (end) → North River Riverside Road (east) → North Riverside East Road → Chengguan Yellow River Bridge (end)

Mini Marathon: (starting point) Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center (east) → Yantan Yellow River Bridge (Bridge) → Nanbin River Road (west) → Lanzhou Sports Park → Ping Sha Yan Yan → Provincial Education Department → Jinchang North Road north exit (turn left) → Jinchang North Road (end)

Lanzhou International Marathon Wissenswertes

The first edition was held on 3 July, 2011, involving 18750 participants from 16 countries and regions, 9 provinces and cities. 2012 Lanzhou International Marathon was held on 10 June, with 32658 participants from 23 countries and regions. The 2013 edition will he held at 8am of 15 June, with around 40,000 participants setting out from the Red Square.

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