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Jungle Marathon

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Ort Amazonia, Brazil

Distanz Marathon

Datum 17 Feb 2020

Über Jungle Marathon

Jungle Marathon is an extreme footrace that takes place in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, in the protected Tapajos National Forest.

The Jungle Marathon race was set up in response to the overwhelming desire of many ultra race runners for a new challenge through an extreme environment. The race has been voted by CNN as "The World's Toughest Endurance Race". The race will test the stamina and endurance abilities of any competitor. Racing through the Amazon Rain Forest, or the Jungles of Vietnam is a challenge that offers a unique experience to both competitors and organisers alike. 

Discover a spectacular part of these countries and see first-hand the wonders of nature.Jungle Marathon takes place in a remote and potentially dangerous environment. With swamp and river crossings, temperatures averaging over 100 degrees Fahrenheit with 99 percent humidity, and dangerous wildlife, there’s no question that the race is dangerous.Apart from the dangers of the jungle itself, where runners may be exposed to snakes, wild animals and poisonous plants, there is  also going to be a hot, humid environment. Heat exhaustion, dehydration and problems with salt/electrolyte balance are real dangers. 

The organisers take safety very seriously and make every effort to minimise risk, but runners are encouraged to be aware of the potential hostilities and ensure that they have fully considered these points before proceeding with entry.The Jungle Marathon offers three races: a marathon, which is the shortest version of the race; a 4 stage 127km race and a 6 stage 254km race. 

The course, which includes swamps, river crossings, steep climbs and descents, village trails and fluvial beaches, combined with humidity and scorching temperatures makes it a daunting and exciting race, but well within the realms of any competitor who has a strong mental mindset.Jungle Marathon, the world's wildest eco race, gives competitors the opportunity to combine sport and eco-tourism and experience this stunning part of the world.Yes, physical fitness is a requirement  but if you don’t have strong mental tenacity to combine with it then you will struggle to reach the finish.



Most runners stay in Alter do Chao which is a small picturesque village on the edge of the jungle. There are a number of small hotels and guest houses there.


The race is open to anyone over 18 with a sense of adventure. You need to have a reasonable level of fitness, but mental tenacity is as important as physical fitness. Why not start with the marathon or 4 stage race, and then come back in the future and tackle the 6 stage event?


We have outstanding medical support. Our excellent medical team are all wilderness medicine trained. Our team generally comprises 12-15 medics. There are 2 medics at each checkpoint, medics at the start and at the finish and two ambulances with medics on standby during the stages. In addition we have a receiving medical team in Santarem should anyone need to be evacuated to hospital.

Das Laufkit beinhaltet

The race is a self-sufficient stage race. You carry all your kit with you in a backpack. This includes your hammock, your food, clothing, compulsory items and anything else you need. The race provides you with bottled water at checkpoints during each stage and at the start and the finish. There is also boiling water that you can use for preparing your food. You sleep at pre-designated campsites where you will be able to use jungle showers and jungle loos. These are very basic!



Santarém - State of Pará, Brazil


Amazon Jungle

Amazon Jungle, State of Amazonas, Brazil




Runners may get rare views into the jungle's wildlife.The race provides great intimacy with nature.

This stunning region offers some wonderful opportunities for eco tourism both for competitors before or after the race and for your companions who can book one of our companion packages while you run.

Our marathon runners will be introduced to the beauty of the Tapajos National Forest in the days prior their race as they will combine acclimatization hikes and runs with the opportunity to explore the primary jungle, visit the local indigenous villages and experience the wonders of this region first hand.
Taste exotic fresh fruit juices, try acai for the first time and eat some of the delicious fresh fish caught from the Tapajos.

The region offers a huge diversity of flora and fauna- including around 200 species of mammal and 600 species of birds.

Flora includes more than 400 species of trees, many of them with medicinal properties, the famous brazil nut, and the rubber tree that is so embedded in the history of the region.


The course, which includes swamps, river crossings, steep climbs and descents, village trails and fluvial beaches, combined with humidity and scorching temperatures makes it a daunting and exciting race, but well within the realms of any competitor who has a strong mental mindset.

The race offers 3 distances: a marathon distance of 42km, a 4 stages 127km distance and a 6 stages 254km distance.

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