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Indiana Trail 100

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Über Indiana Trail 100

We are very pleased to announce that the only 100 mile trail race in the state of Indiana will be held at Chain O’ Lakes State Park in Albion, Indiana in April.

The Indiana Trail 100 is a non-profit event managed by ultra-runners with the net proceeds going back to the park. We are convinced that once you run on our scenic course you will keep coming back. We will help you achieve your goal, whether it’s your first 50, 100K or 100 miler or setting your personal record time.


100 K

  • 99,77908km

50 Mile

  • 80,467km

100 Mile

  • 160,934km



There are three aid stations spaced 4 – 5 miles apart. All aid stations will be very well stocked with water, electrolyte drinks, carbonated beverages, as well a large assortment of food. A wide variety of hot and cold food will be available. Food items will include the traditional fare that is provided at most 100 mile events, as well as a local variation of the standard theme. Each aid station will have roughly the same types of beverages and foods, with some slight variation, so runners will know what to expect.

Lagerung der Ausrüstung

The available locations are the start/finish line and the rally campground (halfway point of the course). The drop bags will be transported to the rally campground right after the start of the race. These bags will be returned to the Main Tent if placed in the return location at the aid station or after the race. The participants will also have the option of picking up the drop bags after they've finished. Please note that there will be no drop bags allowed at the schoolhouse.

Maximale Zeit

There will be a 30 hour time limit for the 100 milers and a 15 hour time limit for the 50 milers. The new 100K will have a 18 hour time limit.


Runners will be responsible for their own gels, energy bars, electrolyte supplements, medications, and personal hygiene products. Those with strict dietary requirements or special medical conditions are advised to pack needed items in personal drop bags.


Sand Lake Beach, Chain O' Lakes State Park



The course is a 16.67 mile mixture of wide and narrow trails - from rolling hills, dirt, and off camber grass sections. There will be very little road running on the course. The terrain and woods provides protection from the wind. Most of the trails surround many of the lakes. The 100 milers will run six loops on the course, while the 50 milers will run three loops. 

Start/Finish: Both races start & finish at Sand Lake Beach. The start for the 100 milers and 50 milers will be Saturday at 6:00 AM. The 100 milers will have 30 hours to finish, while the 50 milers will have 15 hours to finish. Aid stations are located at miles 4.3,9,14 and Finish line Main Tent. Course is marked with Pink Flags and Ribbons always on your Right side.

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