Groundhog Day Marathon

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Datum 31 Januar, 2020

Über Groundhog Day Marathon

Frigid temperatures, possibly snowy ground and like the 1993 Bill Murray movie the feeling of repeating yourself over and over await at western Michigan’s Groundhog Marathon and Half Marathon, which makes its annual run this February.

The race takes runners through Millennium Park, which lies a short drive from downtown Grand Rapids and, when completed, will feature 20 miles of trails and reclaim some 1,500 once heavily used land for public recreation, which will one day make it about twice the size of New York City’s Central Park.

The course will give you the opportunity to relive the same day several times. A total of 6 loops of approximately 4.4 miles on a CERTIFIED course (Yes! You can qualify for Boston!) will have you feeling just a little case of deja vu.


Half Hog (1/6 plus Half)

  • 21,097km

Whole Hog (1/6 plus Full)

  • 42,195km

1/6 Marathon

  • 7,0328158km

Kent County Park office (1700 Butterworth SW)

Grand Rapids,us


Runners start the Groundhog Marathon course just south of the Kent County Park offices, where Butterworth Street Southwest and Interstate 196 meet. From there, runners head onto the Kent Trail for the first mile, and turn right onto the newer, paved Fred Meier Millenium Trail that parallels Butterworth Street. You’ll follow this all the way around to a stretch of crushed limestone trails that lead to the Grand River, where you’ll meet up with the Veterans Memorial Trail and turn left. After that, the course heads all the way back to the start, where you’ll repeat the loop you’ve just run two more times for the half marathon, and five more times for the full marathon.

Groundhog Day Marathon Wissenswertes

We’ve all heard of Punxsutawney Phil, the little furry guy in Pennsylvania who comes out, sees his shadow, and declares six more weeks of winter. Then there’s Augustus T. Groundhog, better known as Grand Rapids Gus. He’s Phil’s much more interesting cousin. Unlike Phil, who it seems can only see shadows, Gus has much better eyesight and can look at a calendar on February 2 and know that spring doesn’t start for six weeks. Gus suggested that instead of lamenting over six more weeks of winter, we should EMBRACE the cold and snow and do something fun. And so, the Groundhog Day Marathon was born.

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