Golan Volcano Runs

03 Apr 2020 (Fri)


3km, 15km, 32km

Golan Volcano Runs

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The Golan is part of a huge volcanic bloc. Its northern border is Mount Hermon and south of the Yarmuk River.

In the middle of the volcanic barbed wireline, we will embark on a challenging race in which we will find dormant bubbles, fascinating natural phenomena, and breathtaking views.

30 km and 15 km run like never before ’Join the journey!

Strecken Highlights

The first 15 kilometers are lighter and faster - running on white paths, and despite the fact that the first part of the route is slightly higher than the second half, the track is still composed of long, long, flat (and almost) fast link segments.

The second 15 kilometers are quite different - running there is almost entirely done in singles, and although there are fewer surges in the second part of the route, the terrain is more demanding.

The first 15 kilometers
We leave the parking lot at Kibbutz Ortal towards the exit from the kibbutz. After passing through the gate, turn right and enter the running area along the fence. This part, until crossing Highway 91, may be partly muddy and possibly with a puddle or two (the units along the route).

After crossing the road, the climb begins at the first peak - for rye - the length of the climb is about 1 km (about 100 meters climbing) and at the end a breathtaking view of the entire runway and all the other volcanoes we climb.

The descent from the rye is done along the same broad and comfortable dirt road. Turn right right before Highway 91 and connect to a white road for about 3.5 kilometers until you turn right and start the long climb to Yosifon (about 2 km / 160 meters cumulative) along the white road.

The descent from Hiosippon (about 1 km / 100 m) is done along a wide but faulty road - watch out and be careful.

From there, about 2.5 km fast with a moderate increase of less than 100 meters and we finished the first 15 km.

Now the competition just gets hot!

15 km:
Cross Highway 98 and enter the nature reserve "Ridge in Second." 

Running on the reserve, on the mountains of Rasan and Har Hozk, is on a variable track - about 2.5 km (100+ 40 meters) and at the end - a hike along the white trail to the wind turbines and the amazing view towards Quneitra (Syria) (800+ 70+) Golan.

Continue running back to Route 98 including a flat part and then a descent (about 2 km / 100), across to the other side and continue running on the Golan Trail.

The next five kilometers are "rolling hills" - small ups and downs, but do not let this route mislead you - the path is narrow and the route is demanding, and attention should be paid to changing the direction so as not to deviate from the course.

At the end of this route, we will say hello to the Golan trail and begin with a steep and steep climb and almost the last of the day - Avital.

A little more than 1 km with a cumulative increase of 140 m (14% average gradient) followed by 2 km running fast along the road, which we will return back about 140.

We are almost at the end - another kilometer of climbing along a wide road (Wall 80+) and from there we will cross Mount Bantel, we will look until Hermon and beyond, and descend carefully to Merom Golan to the finish point.

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directions_runStart Adresse: Merom Golan,il

flagZiel Adresse: Merom Golan,il

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Golan Volcano Runs

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