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Florida Shamrock Halfathon

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Distanz Halbmarathon

Datum 17 Mai 2020

Über Florida Shamrock Halfathon

Join us in celebrating the arrival of spring during our Florida Beach Halfathon and 5K Race at Fort De Soto Park, located near St. Petersburg on Florida’s beautiful west coast at the mouth of Tampa Bay.

Both our courses are located entirely in Ft. De Soto Park, starting and finishing adjacent to the park’s North Beach, regularly recognized as one of the nation’s best beaches. These races will be run on paved access roads and recreational trails.

They are extremely flat courses, with no bridges, overpasses, or discernible inclines. They are accurately measured and certified by the USATF.

Both races start the same, with a 5K loop that returns athletes to the start/finish area. Post-race party begins as the 5K athletes arrive, while the Halfathoners will continue on the 10-mile out-and-back tour of Ft. De Soto Park.

Finish line treats will include fresh fruit, hot pasta, cold Michelob Ultra, and live entertainment.



  • 21,097km

Half Marathon

  • 21,1km


  • 5km


Service nach dem Lauf

Celebrate your success at our super-fun post race party. Replenish with our delicious pasta and meatballs (vegetarian option available), beer, breakfast foods and fruits. Enjoy live music and vendors selling their wares. Stay around for the awards ceremony in case you win in your age group. You just may receive another medal or trophy!


We offer Gatorade and water at 7 aid stations along the halfathon course, with the first located near mile 2, which will serve as the only aid station for the 5K. Athletes who feel they will need additional hydration than what we provide are welcome to make their own arrangements, such as carrying additional fluids or having friends meet them along the course. Fresh Florida oranges will be available at six aid stations, starting near mile 4. Medical support is available from ambulances stationed along the course, and at the finish line. If you need medical assistance, the ambulances will be mobile and ready to respond.


Unique gold running starfish medals for all Halfathon finishers. Age Group Awards - 3 deep in standard 5 year age groups. Overall Male & Female Awards - 3 deep Masters (40+) Male & Female Awards - 3 deep Grandmasters (50+) Male & Female Awards - 3 deep.

Maximale Zeit

Since these races are being staged on recreational trails and access roads with minimal vehicular traffic, there is no course limit. Regardless of when you finish, we will be there awaiting your arrival.


There is ample parking at North Beach in Ft. De Soto Park.


All official results will be based on "Gun Time" as per USATF rules. Chip times will be posted for our athletes' review, but NOT used for scoring.

Florida Shamrock Halfathon Routenkarte

Florida Shamrock Halfathon Routenkarte


Ft. De Soto Park

Fort De Soto Park,us


Runners follow an out-and-back course along straightaway stretches on the wide, white-sand beaches and dunes that this area is known for, as well as stretches through the tree-lined park areas in the park. And for runners who’ve taken part in the annual fall Florida Halloween Halfathon, the course will be very familiar — they’re run on the same route through the park.

Fort De Soto Park has attracted attention in recent years from being named by Dr. Steven Leatherman, also known as “Dr. Beach,” to the top spot on his annual list of the nation’s top beach destinations, based on their ample opportunities for swimming and recreation as well as how well they are cared for ecologically by their facilities and management organizations.

The park also has garnered the top honors in the list of America’s best beaches by TripAdvisor, in both 2008 and 2009.

Citing a "spectacular combination of soft white sand, calm clear water, and a laid-back atmosphere," TripAdvisory named Ft. De Soto Park America's Top Beach, based on their Popularity Index.


For those taking part in the half marathon and the 5K, the race begins at the North Beach area of Fort De Soto Park, and both races take runners along a combination of paved park roadways and recreational trails along the beach areas. The course for the half marathon is largely flat for virtually the entire race, though runners can expect minimal rolling hills.

After the start at North Beach, runners follow the route through the parking lot area out onto Anderson Boulevard, which they run until just after the mile 1 marker and then hit the turnaround point, after which they head back northward along Anderson and take a detour into the more forested areas of the park for a brief loop.

Then it’s back out onto Anderson along the route they’ve just run back around to North Beach, where they then head southward for the next 10 miles of the race.

The next stretch of the race follows a long out-and-back route along the southern end of the park, along the recreational trails that parallel the beaches. Sandy and flat, these trails will feature some of the race’s most beautiful views, looking out on either side to both Mullet Key Bayou and Tampa Bay.

After reaching the turnaround point around the mile 8 marker, runners then head back along the route they’ve just covered, all the way back to the finish line at the park’s North Beach.

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