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Eastbourne Trackstar Marathon

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Distanz Marathon

Datum 09 Mai 2020

Über Eastbourne Trackstar Marathon

A departure from our usual style of event, but with the same underlying friendly, encouraging ethos, We Run They Run I Run present the Eastbourne Trackstar Marathon! By choosing something we’d quite like to have a go at ourselves, we are hoping to appeal to likeminded runners, who want to run a challenging but fun marathon on a standard 400 metre athletics track.

“That’s a lot of laps!” I hear you say. “Yes,” we say, “105 laps and 195 metres to be precise!”

Entry is strictly limited to 80 participants. This is due to the constraints of running on a track. This should allow the event to be a success without overcrowding. In an ideal world this allows for 5 metres of track each – but bear in mind you will be running at different speeds!

We ask that you are considerate to all other participants, and just because someone isn’t going as fast as you, doesn’t mean they’re not on course for their own goal. If you need to walk at any point, please move to the outer lanes.



  • 42,195km


Service nach dem Lauf

Back in race HQ free unlimited tea and coffee will be available, while you wait for your friends to finish.


We will be providing a basic aid station for the run, that will consist of water and jelly babies. If you need specific fuel, there will be space for you to leave this, and it will be accessible to you each lap.


At the finish collect your bespoke Eastbourne Trackstar Marathon medal. We all love a good medal, remember, quality not size counts!

Lagerung der Ausrüstung

There are toilets, changing facilities, and showers in Eastbourne Sports Park.

Maximale Zeit

There will be a 7 hour cut off.


There is a free car park at Eastbourne Sports Park.


Chip timing services.


Eastbourne Sports Park



Starting at the 200m start line, you will complete 105.5 laps of the standard 400 metre athletics track.

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