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DPR Trail Races

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Distanz Ultramarathon

Über DPR Trail Races

Welcome to the annual DPR Trail Races
Half-Marathon, Marathon and 50 Mile Ultra Marathon along the beautiful and fast Des Plaines River Trail in Lake County, Illinois. This is a truly special running course. The DPR Trail is a wide, crushed gravel track, free of roots and rocks, and very flat. All of the major road crossings are managed by way of bridges or viaducts (with only 4 minor road crossings along the whole 50 Mile course, 2 on the Marathon course, and none for the Half-Marathon course). This is a great track through alternating lush forests and open wetlands. With cool temperatures expected, and given the flat terrain and ideal running surface, you’ll find these to be extremely fast courses.
Come out and join us for a great run!


50 Miles

  • 80,467km


  • 42,195km

Des Plaines River Trail

  • 21,097km



Not every station will stock all of the following, but you can expect to see some of the following: nuts, chips, bananas, pretzels, grilled cheese, bean wraps, sweet pickles, fig newtons, boiled potatoes, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and a variety of other sweet and salty snacks. In addition Aid Stations 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 will have a selection of gels (GU and Power Gels).

Lagerung der Ausrüstung

DROP BAGS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR 50 MILERS! Drop Bag collection areas will be posted as you enter the race venue area. 50 milers can leave a drop bag for AS #5 (Adler) and/or AS #7(Wadsworth). Please mark bags with your name, bib # and AS (#5 or #7). We will collect those drop bags on race morning at the designated drop bag area near the start line. These drop bags will be returned to the finish line area after each AS is closed. They will be available for re-claiming at the designated area (near the finish line) as quickly as we can get them back.


We will have Gatorade at Aid Stations. Additionally, all manned aid stations (not #2) will have a selection of soft drinks.

DPR Trail Races Routenkarte

DPR Trail Races Routenkarte


Half Day Forest Preserve

Lake County Forest Preserve,us



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