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Cyprus Ultra Marathon

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Ort Vasa, Cyprus

Distanz Ultramarathon - 107km

Über Cyprus Ultra Marathon

A small ultra marathon with big dreams

Race director Michael Rivers, running the course almost every week all year.
Organised each year by 4 non paid volunteers who believe passionately in the health benefits of social trail running in beautiful nature. We started in 2012 with just 12 participants, for May 26th 2018 we are expecting 200!

Participants fly to Cyprus Ultra from just about every country including USA, UK, Russia and across Europe. Our goal is to create one of the World's greatest trail ultra marathons in the beautiful green area of Vasa Kellakiou, Limassol, Cyprus.



WE DO NOT SUPPLY ELECTROLYTES, GELS OR SPORTS DRINKS. Please make sure you bring your own, a product that you have tried and tested. 50k and 107k race food. Day time - Bananas, Lays chips, various cookies and biscuits, whole oranges. Coke will be at 3 x 24 hour aid stations.


Cyprus Ultra finishers medal (if you finish within cut off).

Maximale Zeit

107 km race has a 17.5 hour cut off time. 50km race has a 9 hour cut off time. 21k race has a 4 hour cut off time. 10k race has a 90 minute cut off time.


Vasa Kellakiou village







Cyprus is an island in the Eastern Mediterranean, the third-largest Mediterranean island (after Sicily and Sardinia). It is an independent country (Democratic Republic of Cyprus), a member of the European Union. The currency is the euro. The main language is Greek. However, English is widely spoken, as Cyprus is also a centre of tourism and international business. Anyone you are likely to come in contact with (taxi drivers and people in hotels, restaurants, shops etc.) will speak English. The exception is the North of the country, the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a breakaway statelet that is not recognised by any other country except Turkey. Do not make the mistake of flying to Ercan airport in the North. Until recently it was impossible to cross between North and South; now it is merely tricky. For instance, it is not possible to take a taxi across.


We have created the perfect ultra marathon for one simple reason, we designed a course where the runners are no further than 3 miles from the safety of the main starting area and base camp. A 13.5 mile loop in a figure of eight means a runner can quit at anytime and be picked up by one of our support vehicles within approx 20 minutes of making the call. We want Cyprus Ultra to be a race for everyone. Only the runner’s fitness level and how much they train for an extreme heat trail race will determine who completes the race. Those who do the best on this course are rarely the best runners, we’ve had two test races so far, the runners with a strong mind, able to stay focused in extreme heat, keeping up their calorie intake with gels and electrolytes in temperatures that kill your appetite for anything apart from ice and salt, these were the runners who did the best.

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