Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon

15 Sep 2018 (Sat)



Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon

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Just outside the northeastern corner of Mt Rainier National park lies Crystal Mountain Resort, Washington’s largest ski area. This is the state’s only ski ‘resort’ with various overnight accommodations at the base. However, in reality, Crystal still functions primarily as a day-use area due to its relative proximity to Seattle and Tacoma. All levels of skiers will find their happiness at this large resort, from beginners to backcountry adventurers. With that being said, the Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon is the place to be.

26 miles (42km) and 9401’ (2865m) of climbing. Low point 2741’ (835m). High point 6802’ (2073m). Average elevation 5117’ (1560m). The course includes approximately 24 miles (38.6km) of technical, mountainous single track trail and 2 miles (3.2km) of barely drivable dirt road. Max slope 44.1%, -49.4%. Ave slope 12.7%, -12.3% (650’/mile or 198m/mile). Trails are in the Silver Creek drainage, on US Forest Service Land, around the Crystal Mountain Ski Resort. There will be 4 aid stations featuring water, energy gel, electrolyte drink, fruit, and other snacks.

Strecken Highlights

Start To Aid Station 1, Gondola:
mile 0 to mile 3
-Uphill from the start for about 3 miles.
-Head up Kelley's Gap access road to base of Green Valley ski lift.
-Turn right up the new Green Valley trail, just before the ski lift loading ramp.
-Stay on Green Valley Trail till you reach the top of the Green Valley ski lift.
-Turn left over to Gondola and aid station 1

Aid Station 1, Gondola, to aid station 2, Sand Flats:
mile 3 to 10
-Head back out towards Green Valley ski lift.
-Turn left on Snorting Elk rd./Crystal Mountain Trail
-Vier right on road,along Snorting Elk bowl, over to top of North Way ski lift.
-Follow ribbon down ridge and into North Way bowl.
-Follow ribbons down to old Crystal Mountain trail low in North Way bowl.
-Turn left onto trail, angling up above Brand X shoots and low on Morning Glory meadow.
-Follow trail and ribbons through Morning Glory over to drop into Meadows.
-Follow trail and ribbons several 100 yards to flat spot in meadow.
-Follow ribbons up meadow, 200 yards or so, up to Crystal Mountain trail.
-Turn right onto Crystal Mountain trail.
-Vier right down the North Way Trail, long descent.
-Stay straight onto North Way road, at bottom of trail descent.
-Turn left, over bridge, into the Sand Flats parking area.

Aid Station 2, Sand Flats, To Aid Station 3, Crystal Mountain Road:
mile 10 to 14.5
-Head out on trail behind aid station
-Cross straight over Crystal Mountain Blvd, onto trail.
-Turn Right onto Gold Hill Rd.
-Turn Left onto Norse Peak trail.
-Turn Left onto Horse Camp trail.
-Turn right/straight onto old Crystal Mountain rd., through Horse Camp.
-After cabins come in view, turn left across Goat creek bridge.
-Stay left to trailhead up to Crystal Mountain access Rd.

Aid Station 3, Crystal Mt. Road, to Aid Station 4, Gondola:
mile14.5 to mile 21
-Cross Crystal Mountain Blvd. to trail markings.
-Follow ribbons and trail all the way up to clearing above Sand Flats.
-Stay Straight, heading back to the meadows/gondola, on Crystal Mtn. Trail.
-Vier left off Crystal Mountain trail, following ribbons back down into Meadow.
-Follow ribbons and trail back across Morning Glory meadow.
-Follow ribbons and trail back down into North Way bowl.
-Turn right, following ribbons, back up to the top of North Way ski lift.
-Follow road left/straight back over to Gondola top.

Aid Station 4, Gondola, to Finish:
Mile 21 to finish
-Turn left, under the Gondola, from aid station.
-Follow dirt road under Silver Queen/Crystal Peak.
-Turn Right/straight on Crystal Mountain Trail.
-Follow Crystal Mountain Trail past lakes.
-Turn Right up Bear Gap trail.
-At Bear Gap, turn hard left, onto Bear Gap trail down to Jim Town.
-Do not get on the PCT!!
-Turn right at Jim Town onto Gold Hill/Crystal Mountain trail, heading down.
-Cross under Gold Hill ski lift, following trail across ski run.
-Turn left down access road to day lodge/[parking area.
-Turn left and finish behind day lodge.

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Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon

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